Monthly Archives: May 2016


What is commitment
Well for me
Its a word ,which is misused
Its never one sided
But generally ,it is one sided only
I am misused every time
I assured you of help
I was always there when you need
Where were you
I am not asking you to be my side
But at least don’t be against me
You asked ,I gave
Don’t give me anything
But don’t disrespect me
You want me
My time ,always
But let me sleep peacefully
Don’t text me at odd hours
And force me to reply
My commitment was never that
I will spoil my health
To make you happy
You are selfish
You see your needs
You see your comforts
You hardly see my sacrifices
You every time remind me of commitment
I feel I shouldn’t have said this word
If I knew it would be used
Or rather misused
To that extent
That it leaves me drained out
I would have never committed .



Its really disturbing
Why everyone is trying
To be what they are not
A stupid wants to prove
He is not
A dumb wants to show
He is genius
A fat girl
Wears tight fit
To show she is slim
An old woman is trying
To look young
A female having grey hairs
Trying to colour them ,look young
There is a race
To be what you are not
In doing this
Everyone is losing their own identity
They end up
Being no one
Neither who they are
Nor what they are trying
I read them
I feel pity , ridiculous
Anger , frustration
Means what you want to prove
Who do you want to be
Imitation is always imitation
It can never beat original
Have you ever seen dog
Trying to be lion
A monkey trying
To be a tiger
They are happy
Who they are
No comparison
No competitions
Its only human
Who I feel is dumb of all species
He is wasting his time
On becoming
Who he is not
And in doing this
He is playing with nature
Exploiting resources
Disturbing natural order
Ending up as fool .


People are going crazy
About love
Writing poetries
Going insane
I want people to hate me
If they hate me
They won’t interact with me
I will have more of “me” time
I can introspect a lot
I am fed up from love
Everyone thinks I am their property
They don’t want to share me
They are jealous of each other
Because they want my time
My affection
Which finally bothers me
As who all I manage
How do I manage
They fight ,they threat
So many lovers
One “me ”
Please hate me
Go away
Let me be at peace
I can’t tolerate more affection
I don’t want your love
Let me be alone
Else you will land me in trouble
Or cut me into pieces
I don’t want all this mess
Hate me ,hate me .


Everyone is crying
As if they are most important
Let it be a doctor
He claims ,he is most important
As he treats patients
What will he do if
There were no sophisticated machines
How will he diagnose diseases
So engineers are important
As they develop machines
But what will engineer do
If there is no electricity
For electricity we need coal
So miner is important
But miner needs food
So farmer is important
Farmer needs meteorologist
To predict rains
Like this its actually a chain
I wonder how can
Someone claim his importance
Like soldier ,doctor ,engineer etc
Whatever you are doing
Its your choice ,circumstances
You are paid for it
So don’t boast about it
Everyone is important
From bacteria to whale
From sweeper to scientist
Its really ridiculous
When someone says
I martyred for country
Or I sacrificed
Its your job
Your choice
No one forced you to be a soldier
There shouldn’t be any disparity
Each and every profession
Is important .


Everyone loves them
When they are on head
Everyone hates them
When on arms ,legs, chest ,breast etc
They are eyebrows ,eyelashes,upper lip etc
Black ,brown ,blonde ,grey ,white ,red ,purple
God knows what all
Straight ,curl ,boy cut, steps , highlighted
Punk, crew ,and many more
Boys are keeping ,moustache and beard
Its in trend
But I feel it looks very unprofessional
Girls have to spend money ,time
To get them waxed ,shaved ,
Many do it for sake of fashion
Other do it under social pressure
Waxing is so painful
Don’t understand the need to do it
Many are there ,who don’t want to
Get into this mess
Still they do
Concept of hairs
Is as messy as
Hairs of armpits
Somewhere they adds to beauty
Somewhere they hinder beauty
I guess its personal choice
To keep it or remove it
Without any pressure
Beauty does matter
I don’t deny it
But it shouldn’t be at
Cost of being uncomfortable.


I have seen stars falling
I have seen forests calling
I have seen sun covered by cloud
I have seen  soul crying loud
I have seen arrogance ,ego ,proud
I have seen kings in shroud
I have seen limelight getting fade
I have seen heroes in graves ,laid
I have seen tree being cut ,that gave shade
I have seen in USA ,goods Chinese made
People hate me as
I call a spade ,spade
I have seen people
With poor knowledge ,higher grade
I have seen this world ,its rules
Rare are wise ,in abundance are fools
Flooded with stupids ,are colleges ,schools
Horses are dying of hunger
Living king size are mules .


A giant is dead
He stood tall
For almost 75 years
He was massive
He fed many
He gave shelter to many
He was adorable
He never looked weak or diseased
But no one noticed
He was getting weaker day by day
He never complained
Even when he was hurt
People made him suffocated
His rights were curtailed
His vicinity was encroached
No one cried on his death
He was brutally cut into parts
No one raised voice
It was a cold blooded murder
We all are murderers
We built concrete around him
His roots were suffocated
Such a giant
Uprooted by gust of wind
We didn’t let him live
We curtailed his nutrition
No police complaint was registered
No case was filed
No one is held convict
Ah! Such noble soul
Such miserable end
Rest in peace
My loving neem tree
I and my niece will miss you
We will miss your aura
She grew seeing you
First time ever she
Saw things which were hidden
Behind you
As you were so big that
She never saw things behind you
We are sad.


What is charity
Giving food or money to someone
No ,its actually a crime
Giving food to a beggar
Is like feeding a parasite
They are not doing any good
To society
They are just being fed
Without efforts
They are spreading filth
Drugs , child abuse ,sex trade
They earn handsomely
Our society is fool
If you really want to help
And they really want to upgrade
Teach them skills
So that ,they earn with efforts
Not with tricks
Don’t feel pity on them
No one in this universe
Has got right
To be fed ,without efforts
Anyone who is living
Is using ,water ,air ,food ,space
They have to pay for these things
Nothing is free
Don’t support begging
Don’t do wrong kind of charity

Keep going

I have only
One thing on my mind
Keep going
I don’t want to
Take rest
Don’t want to
Sit idle
Don’t want to
Kill time
If you want to punish me
Make me sit idle
If I sit idle for 10 mins
I feel I will go crazy
I need work
Any constructive work
I wish the day
The moment I die
On that moment
I should be working


Some say ,what you need
Start giving that
You will get that
But practically its not
Applicable in similar way
On all aspects of life
I see people crazy
About getting married
They are not finding match
I don’t want to get married
I am getting proposals
Two females are damn adamant
To marry me
Its scary and ridiculous
Though I don’t need huge money
Still to survive
But it hardly comes to me
Though I do donate
Whenever I get chance
I guess law is different
Its trick of god
To give a person
Something which he doesn’t wish
As unmarried people
Are not finding match
Have ample money
I need money
I am bestowed by
Females and proposals
God please ,get your
Software ,virus free
Its creating mess .