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I am surprised Dogs are welcomed in house 

Patents are sent to old age home 

Dogs are fed best foods 

Groomed ,combed ,pampered 

Patents are ignored ,rejected 

New generation may be earning great 

May be highly qualified 

But unfortunately ,they are most illiterate 

They are not worth being called human


Strange are relationshipsEveryone is busy 

No one wants to talk 

Everyone needs space 

Everyone is frustrated 

Everyone is  suffocated

Relationships are mere formalities

No true love .



There is nothing like affection Its all about need 

Or may be karmas 

Mother ,father all are important only for needs 

Wife ,brother ,sister all are temporary 

Moment you don’t fulfill their needs ,you are useless 

In darkness ,even your shadow is not there.


Life is all about compromise 

We compromise to please others 

We compromise to impress others 

We compromise to get our work done 

We compromise to manage our relationships

Hardly anything we do without compromising 

From jobs to business 

From love to marriage to sex 

There is nothing else than compromise .


Sometimes I am extremely tired Sometimes I am extremely alone 

At that point I sing 

Environment becomes godly 

Silence becomes music 

I am his lover ,he is my love 

This is my story 

You won’t understand ,I don’t want to explain.


Neither you are essential Nor you are forced upon me 

Neither you are close 

Nor are you far 

Neither I am ashamed of you 

Nor are you my pride 

Neither are you beautiful 

Nor are you ugly 

Neither do I want to be close to you 

Nor do I want to go away 

Neither I want you 

Nor do I want to loose you 

Neither are you reality 

Nor are you a dream 

If you understood this relationship 

Do explain to me also .


Its not a big deal screwing a female Its not a big deal ,abusing a female 

Its not a big deal ,beating a female 

None of these shall make you male 

All relationships are waste ,if they don’t understand each other 

True relationships blossom in tough times 

No point continuing such relationships ,which have ego issues .


She came to me after long time 

She said ,she just came to meet me 

Actually ,did she ? 

Was this her only purpose ? 

She was standing at a corner 

Her eyes were defying her words 

She wanted to cry ,but not crying 

I asked her ,if I could touch her 

Moment I touched her 

She became alive .


If you ignore me 

Then ,for me you are no more 

Later you plead ,scream ,yell 

I will turn deaf ear 

I don’t live with emotions 

Relationship once broken ,its broken forever 

Think million times ,before going away 

Later I don’t consider any excuses 

I don’t mind ,refusing to accept 

That I never knew you .