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She came to me after long time 

She said ,she just came to meet me 

Actually ,did she ? 

Was this her only purpose ? 

She was standing at a corner 

Her eyes were defying her words 

She wanted to cry ,but not crying 

I asked her ,if I could touch her 

Moment I touched her 

She became alive .


If you ignore me 

Then ,for me you are no more 

Later you plead ,scream ,yell 

I will turn deaf ear 

I don’t live with emotions 

Relationship once broken ,its broken forever 

Think million times ,before going away 

Later I don’t consider any excuses 

I don’t mind ,refusing to accept 

That I never knew you .

One more 

Here comes another 

Claiming to be my lover 

I told her ,many came before her 

Fortunately or unfortunately all are married now 

Having fun in their lives 

Then I am not an easy catch 

I don’t accept proposals easily 

So females keep trying 

God knows ,who can win me .

After you

I found how beautiful life is after you
No fears ,no depression
No waste of time on nonsense arguments
Quality time with myself
With you I was like a tree without water
I was carrying whole lots of responsibilities
Now I am free
You were suffocating me
Now after you ,I can breathe .

New love

God ,bless her
Someone again in love with me
She wants to be part of my life
New story is going to begin
Before this ,many stories are there
I guess this will go
Till I am alive
Don’t blame me
I never initiate things
I don’t go to them
I never propose
They find me attractive
As I am getting old
My girlfriends are getting younger
Should I be worried about this or feel pride about it ?


When one chapter of life finishes
Don’t be sad about it
Forget it and move ahead
Life is waiting for you
New characters ,new chapters
New love ,new interests
Why to cry for ,who has left
Accept who is in your life now
My life is not one chapter ,its huge book
Characters come and go into it
Those who are at present are reality
Rest are dreams .

Mother’s day

Mother is like first rain
Mother is selfless love
Mother is knowledge
Mother is wisdom
Mother is words of scriptures
Mother is my pride
Mother is my identity
Mother’s blessings are boon
Mother is poetry
Mother is song
Mother is our wealth
Mother is god
Mother is infinite ,indescribable
Those who have their mothers with them are lucky
If your mother is with you ,everyday is mother’s day .

Rich vs poor

People make relationships according to your status
If he  can do some favour
He is gem
Poor has no friends
Even if rich is corrupt
You will only see his qualities
Never shall you see his drawbacks
You are blindly following rich
As he will handover his fortune to you only
Its ridiculous to see such relationship
Fake love ,fake gratitude ,fake respect .