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Make up

Fake smiles ,fake pouts ,fake air kisses
Lip balms
Mascara, eye liners , eye shadows
Primers ,powders ,bronze , foundation
Sunscreens, scrubs ,cleansers ,exfoliators
Body wash , shampoos ,colours ,highlighters
Waxing ,threading , hair removal creams
Nail paints ,nail extensions
God knows what all
All fake ,temporary
Denting ,painting
Damaged body ,damaged soul
Waste of money ,time
Sick mentality ,sick body
Dirty inside ,polishing outside
Blemished face ,cleaning mirror
This is today’s female
Completely artificial.



It takes dedication
To be healthy
It takes supplements and steroids
To build body .


I notice people are always seeking sympathy
They feel one should ask about them
Their well being
If they are unwell
They should be inquired
About doctors visit
Medicines ,other therapies
I believe its wrong
One must not seek sympathy
Rather never tell anyone
About your illness
No matter how sick you are
Always be happy , be confident .


Dose of nutrition
Being dietician I am asked
What to do for good hairs
I tell them ,nothing
No one can save hairs
If they have to fall
They Will
No matter you take selenium, zinc ,iron
No matter you eat ,beef ,chicken ,flax ,chia
Sunflower seeds , tuna ,liver ,blah blah
No matter you eat coconut, amla
Apply coconut oil ,almond oil ,olive oil
Or many more
You do head stand ,hand stand
Rub your nails
Don’t drink cold drinks
Do not smoke ,or take alcohol
Eat fruits ,vegetables ,seeds
Drink milk ,take yoghurt
Do whatever you want
Don’t apply hair products
Don’t go for ,chemical treatments
If there has to be hair fall
It will be
So my answer do not  do anything
Just relax and enjoy .


Its biggest blessing of god
If it doesn’t happen
This world will go mad
People are lacking it
Taking pills to get it
It calms you
It rejuvenate you
It is like deep meditation
Don’t compromise on this
Its eternal peace
I want it more
But it eludes me
Oh sleep I love you
I am half slept writing this


This post is offensive ,I apologize if its bit harsh ,but I am generally not into this type if writing but the way people are thinking I guess I am disturbed

The way things are going
Its disgusting
Sex is all nonsense now
Anal sex ,oral sex
What next
Ear sex
Guy will put nozzle on his dick
And ejaculate in girls ear
Eyes sex
Semen will be ejaculated into her eyes
Nasal sex
Semen will be put into her nose
As now sex is about holes
Find hole and fill it
After this
Sex will be drinking each other’s urine
Then eating each other’s shit
As people proudly declares that
Semen and vaginal fluids are healthy
Not at all bad for health
So urine and shit
Are definitely safe for them
The way our youth are thinking
Its sad
The standard of love making
Has degraded miserably
Its pity

Ajay Kohli


I generally don’t write this
But have to
As the way
Misinformation is spreading
Its risky
Its causing irreparable damage
Herpes, oral cancer ,throat cancer
Spreading like epidemic
Doctors are screaming
Youth are giving deaf ears
Thanks to porn
Thanks to stupid people
Thanks to lack of knowledge
Thanks to misinformation
Oral sex kills
Its not going to happen instantly
It will take time
But it will kill for sure
Please don’t fall prey to wrong
Sex is natural
Do it
Don’t do unnatural sex
That is why its unnatural
Its killing

Ajay Kohli

Who is fool

They first tell you not to eat fat
Then they say if you don’t eat fat
It will be injurious
As vitamin A,D,E,K
Will not be absorbed by your body
You need to have cholesterol
For your body to work properly
Then there is good fat ,bad fat
Good cholesterol ,bad cholesterol
PUFA ,MUFA,saturated ,unsaturated
They tell you not to eat carb
Then good carb ,bad carb
Refined carb ,complex carb
If you eat more protein
Your kidney and liver get affected
If you eat less you will have muscular problems
One research says drink coffee
Others say don’t drink it
Still all over world
Dominos ,pizza hut ,McDonald’s
and don’t know how many more
Doing billion dollars business
No government scrap them
No government question them
Or ban them
They sell bad fat
Refined carbs
Look at Colas pure nonsense
Still doing great business
Let me know who is actual fool
Those who know what is right or wrong
Those who don’t know
Those who publish research
Those who read research
Those who eat all this
Those who are selling all this
The governments
Literate or illiterate
I guess its a question
Actually who is biggest fool among all

Ajay Kohli


Well these days you can find
Every second guy with big biceps
Huge chests and shoulders
Earlier it was sweat and hard work
Now its protein shakes ,bars ,creatinine, steroids
Now body building is fake
All supplements
I had a choice to go for all this
But I refused
I workout ,hard, results are not great
Satisfaction is great as its pure muscles
No powders and chemicals
Yes you may feel great
But actually its a myth
Its artificial ,its superficial
Its cosmetic
Supplements are damaging you inside
You will loose bone density
Once you will be old you will see repercussions
I may not be huge
But I am pure hard work and sweat
I am ethical
I am true

Ajay Kohli

I am happy

Though I am not very rich
Though I am not a celebrity
Though I am not having big cars , mansions,
Still I am happy
Though I am not in relationship
Though I don’t wear branded
Though I don’t carry expensive gadgets
Still I am happy
I am happy as
I am healthy ,I workout daily
I eat home made food
I eat lots of fruits and seeds
I interact with at least 5 people daily
I read for at least  3 hours daily
I help people in their lives
I see my parents sleep peacefully
I see my brother and sister daily
I interact with my younger niece daily
I see her growing ,questioning, being rebel
I make her understand
I pray daily
I meditate daily
I thank god for his blessings
I love my plants
I wish all happiness
I don’t have grudges
I am happy …….

Ajay Kohli