Who is fool

They first tell you not to eat fat
Then they say if you don’t eat fat
It will be injurious
As vitamin A,D,E,K
Will not be absorbed by your body
You need to have cholesterol
For your body to work properly
Then there is good fat ,bad fat
Good cholesterol ,bad cholesterol
PUFA ,MUFA,saturated ,unsaturated
They tell you not to eat carb
Then good carb ,bad carb
Refined carb ,complex carb
If you eat more protein
Your kidney and liver get affected
If you eat less you will have muscular problems
One research says drink coffee
Others say don’t drink it
Still all over world
Dominos ,pizza hut ,McDonald’s
and don’t know how many more
Doing billion dollars business
No government scrap them
No government question them
Or ban them
They sell bad fat
Refined carbs
Look at Colas pure nonsense
Still doing great business
Let me know who is actual fool
Those who know what is right or wrong
Those who don’t know
Those who publish research
Those who read research
Those who eat all this
Those who are selling all this
The governments
Literate or illiterate
I guess its a question
Actually who is biggest fool among all

Ajay Kohli


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