Monthly Archives: April 2017

I don’t

I don’t wait for anyone
I don’t love anyone
I don’t trust anyone
I don’t incorporate anyone
I don’t yearn for anyone
That is why I am growing as an individual.



You need other’s time
You want other’s to treat you prime
You need to respect others to get respect
You need to sacrifice something in life
You are not prepared to do all this
When you feel lonely
You text ,you call
When you are with friends
You disappear from my life
You discard people
Depending on your needs
For you ,you are only important
No one else .


Its true I love someone ,sure cent percent
Its equally true I am scared of her temperament
She is highly aggressive
She talks real offensive
I can’t take all that crap
Feels like should give her a slap
But then, I don’t believe in abuse of any kind
But it disturbs my inner mind
Its also true that without each other ,we are incomplete
No matter how hard I try ,” her ” I can’t delete


Yes I am damn egoistic
How many times I need to acknowledge this
No matter how hard one tries
I can’t be defeated
Wait ! I have solution too
I can be defeated
Yes, its love
You have to initiate
Its my promise
I will be with you throughout our life
In ups and downs
Yes, you need to initiate .


Those who can’t be in your life
Kick their thoughts and memories too
Out of your life
Those who love you
They understand your silence
Else no matter if you scream
It would go unheard.


Lies ,betrayals ,conspiracies
Sleazy outfits ,flashy lingerie,
Lots of make up ,nail paints ,fake faces
Rapes ,suicides ,threats
This is love
Lots more scary  things still to come .


When your sins start materializing
You will have new relations
Which are actually your life’s curse
They will infuse depression in your life
They will do everything to ruin you
You will feel dark everywhere
Yes mostly they come as your lover .

My life

I don’t have any desire left
Why should I care for anyone
I don’t curse anyone
I don’t bless anyone
Those who want to live in crowd
Be there
I want to be alone .


I have strange life
Whosoever comes into my life
Stays for sometimes and then leave
Giving excuses
I have many stories
All are incomplete
As they  never ended
So will you be with me
Will this story with you end
It has two possibilities
Either we live happily hereafter
Or you leave like others .


I can fight with enemies
But you are not my enemy
With you life is a garden of roses
Without you its lonely desert
I am cloud ,you are rain
I am soul ,you are mind
We are inseparable
Its up to you now
Would you like to be with me
And be happy
Or you want to depart
And induce pain in both of our lives .