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This world is myth This body is mud 

World is denying this fact 

Men keep polishing this mud 

They differentiate this mud as white ,black 

This mud has different shapes 

Nose ,lips ,butt ,bust 

One gets attracted towards this mud 

One hugs ,kiss this mud 

This mud is full of arrogance 

Till you are mud you are in sorrow 

The day this mud mixes with earth 

No pain ,no sorrows.

Am I too nice

Ajay Kohli

Profile pic and psychology

These days when we are having so many online accounts ,its obvious to have profile pics and then there are people who are having accounts to just upload their pics only , that is different thing as they are not mature enough to use social media for good cause .  I have seen and studied what profile pic says about the user , generally people who are balanced put their very normal pic in almost presentable pose let’s say passport type , then there are people who keeps on changing their pic almost every now and then ,they at suffering from self obsession and inferiority complex . They are always insecure so keep on putting new pic so that they get attention. There are people who don’t put their photographs as profile pic they are under confident they think ,they are not presentable or worth . Few people put quotes of others they are most interesting people as each quote describes their state of mind if they are sad they will put pessimistic quotes if happy optimistic, most interesting are couples who are in love or newly married couple ,when they are going well their pics will be lots of hugs and close pics but if they have fight pics will be of disloyalty, suicide , self hurting pics , lonely sea , long roads , and if she is Indian it would be of god or parents or siblings just to show that they have support to leave and can easily manage without each other . Then there are few fanatics who put pic of their religion , their god it shows how they can be misused to create riots and other anti social activities. Last but not the least we have porn stars who put their naked pics to make people more attracted towards them and provide them business . I guess if a person or our law making agencies learn this art of decoding profile pics we can avert many unwanted activities

Ajay Kohli