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She killed her individuality
To save her marriage
She tolerated abuses
Let it be verbal or physical
She wanted to save her relationship
She kept on tolerating
He kept on misusing her
Don’t understand ,what will she get
Else than pain .



Some will find me wrong
But its better to be real
Than being fake
Yes ,I will be happy
When you will get married
Because then you will realize
What you lost
When you will compare
Me and your guy
You will regret
You will miss ,care I did
Affection I showered
But unfortunately now
I am done
Now you go
I don’t care
More you regret
More happy I will be
Yes your pain
Gives me happiness
I am human
I love revenge
I won’t hurt you
Time will hurt you .



तुम इतना जो मुस्करा रहे हो
क्या राज़ है जो छिपा रहे हो
अर्थ व्यवस्था की तुमने लगा दी वाट
लोगों की खड़ी कर दी खाट
अच्छे दिन आएँगे
कब से,गोली दिए जा रहे हो
तुम इतना जो मुस्करा रहे हो
क्या राज़ है जो छिपा रहे हो
देश खड़ा बैंको के बहार
लगा कर कतार
तुम्हे सुनाई नहीं देता आम आदमी की पुकार
तुम अंबानी, अडानी को दिए जा रहे हो उधार
ढाई साल से काले धन का राग गाये जा रहे हो
तुम इतना जो मुस्करा रहे हो
क्या राज़ है जो छिपा रहे हो
फेसबुक, टविटर पर तुम्हारे अंध भक्तों की बना कर फौज
तुम विदेशों में ले रहे मौज
तम्हे बना कर प्रधानमंत्री हो रहा जनता को सोज़
मेरा देश बदल रहा है का राग गाये जा रहे हो
तुम इतना जो मुस्करा रहे हो
क्या राज है जो छिपा रहे हो ।


The moment you left
I am relieved now
You were special
That made me more caring
Now you are no more in my life
So I need not to bother
How do you look
How do you manage life
Your safety etc
People cry when they lose
I celebrate ,you gone .


Though you did many mistakes
I ignored most
As I never believe in ruining relationship
But you thought its my weakness
You thought if I made you special
I won’t ever bring you down
Well I wouldn’t have
If you wouldn’t have hit my ego
Yes I am egoistic
I keep it aside in relationship
But how dare you blocked me
It fueled my ego
So now I don’t know who you are
I have blocked you too
From all my thoughts
From all my memories
From all my dreams
Now ,No matter what you do
I won’t unblock you
You are gone .

गुरू नानक

गुरू नानक सच्चा संत
कहे करो कुरीतियों का अंत
ढोंगी सारे रागी, पादरी, मौलवी, महंत
नहीं जरूरत पढ़न दी नमाज
अंदर से आनी चाहिए आवाज
आरती करने से नहीं मिले कोई फल
अरदास नहीं किसी समस्या का हल
जब तक नहीं होगी सच्ची लगन, नहीं बनेगी गल
सूरज को काहे चढ़ाए जा रहे हो जल
कुछ नहीं होगा हासिल बजाकर मंदिरों में टल
जब तक है जीवन कीरथ करो
नाम सिमरन की झोली भरो
छोड़ दो बहारी आडम्बर
चाहते हो प्रभु मिलन अगर
तो झूठ, दिखावे से करो परहेज
निंदा चुगली से करो गुरेज
गुरू नानक के बताए  रास्ते पर अग्रसर होते जाए
गुरू पर्व की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं ।

Letter to PM Modi

Modi Ji ,I am a common man ,citizen of India ,I don’t have any black money , but to my disappointment ,I am harassed unnecessarily ,I am made to stand in queues to have my own money , I have money which because of your nonsense decision has got no value , I have lost my purchasing power ,I can’t buy normal household items because my money has been declared useless , I have visited three banks to get my money exchanged but I couldn’t get it exchanged nor could I withdraw from my account as there was no cash in the banks by 2:30 pm .What is the sense of keeping banks open till 8 pm if they don’t have cash to give , I am not idle to waste my time standing in queues that too to get my own money .
      More disheartening was that my old parents too were standing in queues for more than two hours ,sorry to say but I am not as selfish as you are who visit your mother only on your birthday that too for media limelight ,you don’t bother to keep her with you at your residence ,you may be a patriot or you pretend so but I feel its shear exploitation and mental harassment to see my old parents standing in queues .
            You want to curb black money kindly do so but do it in sensible way ,can’t you see all those who live in farmhouses ,who own multiple properties ,who roam in luxury cars ,who visit abroad often ,who flaunt their phones and jewellery , who splurge money on parties , marriages ,you have got all data ,still you don’t take action ,nothing is hidden if I can notice who around me has huge money can’t system do so ,of course it can but it turns blind eye as your target is not black money ,your target is creating news ,fooling people , harassing common man , 99% people standing in queues were common man ,I haven’t seen any celebrity standing in lines to get a sum of Rs 4000 ,its only common man who is made space goat .        
  Its first time in last 15 years that I have to return home empty handed ,as I have ritual of purchasing something before I enter my house in the evening ,today I couldn’t as no legitimate money .
       You are taking all these decisions only to have more money which you will give to business houses ,who already owe more than 1 lakh crore to banks ,its our money which you give them ,then they refuse to return and you couldn’t do any harm to them .
             Once new currency will be in market again people will hoard it ,what will you do then ,how many times you will introduce new currency ? Problem is somewhere else , you need to be honest and take action on actual sources of black money rather than taking such immature and unwise steps .

Utility vs value

Gold is useless
Its only kept in vaults
It is made with tools of iron
Still its precious
People value it
Iron everything from spoons to jet planes
Nothing can be made without machines
All machines are iron
Still its never kept in safes
Even safes are made of iron
This world values what appears good
Not what makes it appear good

Have to

I have to ask many questions
But I won’t
As our relationship is not defined
I have to tell you ,you are looking stunning
But I won’t
As our relationship is not defined
I have to tell you what looks good on you
But I won’t
As our relationship is not defined
I have to tell you ,I check your profile pic many times
But I won’t
As our relationship is not defined
I have to tell you ,I stay online for you
But I won’t
As our relationship is not defined
I have to tell you that I want to walk with you
But I won’t
As our relationship is not defined
I have to tell you ,I want you
But I won’t
As our relationship is not defined.


You meet many in life
Few are relatives
Others are friends
Some strangers
All do impact you
Few positively ,others negatively
Few give memories others lessons
Few are selfless  ,others are selfish
Few are wise others fool
Few are supportive ,others hurdles
Among all these
There are very few
Who are pure
Who gives you positive vibes
They are like kids
Who are free from malice
They are just like angels .