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Its deepawali in India ,according to records around this festival ,large number of owls are captured ,killed ,as their eyes ,claws are sold ,its believed that Lakshmi comes on owl so keeping owl’s body parts will attract Lakshmi ,its such stupid superstition widely practised in north India ,causing loss to nature and ecosystem .I don’t know if Lakshmi exists but its sure that all who do this are definitely inferior than owls.



Water in rain
Water in drain
Water as tears in pain
Water in mouth on seeing favourite dish
Water in sea around fish
Water as saliva as pee
Water in coffee and tea
Water in rivers ,springs brooks , oceans ,ponds and pools
Water becomes ice when cool
Water as  frost ,hail
Water in pail
Water around ships when they sail
Water as bubble as dew
All is water I mentioned few

Ajay Kohli

What I want

I want to see stars and moon
I can’t ,city is polluted ,sky is covered with smog
I want to enjoy sea
I can’t , seas are polluted ,oil spills ,garbage
I want to go for trekking
I can’t , mountains are blown out , landslides
I want to go to forests
I can’t , deforestation, trees wiped out
I want to visit poles
I can’t , glaciers melting ,polar cap vanishing ,global warming
I am visiting all these places in dreams ,documentaries.

Ajay Kohli

Silly research

I find really silly when I read research, they make me feel that actually do we have people with brains or they are there just because of destiny . Tell me one thing what big difference it will make if we find water on mars ,will you shift whole mankind to mars will it be feasible or the cost will be that low that everyone can afford ,why we don’t think something for earth , why we can’t make this place more liveable , more eco friendly , we are working on space ,its OK for weather forecast, communication, security its good but what will we get from finding aliens ,don’t know if they are or not ,such things actually are wasting huge money but no gain to mankind I wish if we work on making this planet more pleasant , more green rather than spending on mars missions

Ajay Kohli