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Four new guests in my garden

I have a terrace garden ,around 125 plants varying from trees to herbs ,shrubs, trees almost 18 years old ,its summers need more water to keep plants hydrated , best part other than plants is animals and birds that visit my garden , they know me ,recently a squirrel has given birth to four babies ,I predicted their mating time so use to keep peanuts and almonds for them ,four new young squirrels very tender ,small not furry enough but very agile , nimble running from one tree to other they compete with other birds for food I keep for them they don’t know me so scared of me but their parents don’t ,they keep themselves busy even if I am there as they know I am not going to harm them ,let’s see how new ones accept me .

Ajay Kohli


Who is worth

A learned man wished to declare his heir he asked his three sons to prove their worth ,he gave hem seeds and asked them to keep them with themselves and return seeds to him after an year , elder son said its mess to keep seeds ,after an year I will buy new one and give them back to father, second son kept them in a safe ,third son sowed them in backyard.
After an year man asked them regarding seeds eldest son gave him seeds which he bought from market ,man refused to take them ,middle one took out of safe but they were ruined youngest son said come with me to backyard and take as many as you want ,he proved his worth .

Ajay Kohli

Terrace garden

As the population is increasing exponentially we are heading towards food scarcity sometimes rain ,sometimes drought ,problem is there , though we can’t expect growing cereals and pulses on terrace as it needs huge space but I guess we can very well grow vegetables and fruits on terrace ,provided we get support from govt. In west its not big problem as they have plenty of land ,less population and they have resources to have their farm houses ,but unfortunately countries like India we are having huge scarcity of space we have buildings ,very few open spaces that too poorly managed , I guess if every terrace is converted into a garden that too kitchen garden we can have wonderful vegetables and fruits that too fresh and safe. I have one garden on my terrace maintained from 18 years I grow vegetables ,it gives huge satisfaction working in garden then its a good exercise and nice hobby , but I wish if govt help people like me by providing manure and other necessary things at reasonable rates plus I wish I been given shed to cover my plants by govt as I am giving green space to environment plus if I will be getting support I will give them vegetables and fruits from my garden , govt should encourage people like me so that we can have more terrace gardens ,it will add to greenery and health of common man

Ajay Kohli