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God is confused
He created human
All same
No religion ,no castes ,no creeds
Why so much terrorism on name of religion ?
Its not religion
Its fanaticism.



From whom you are hiding
There are only two important things
Your conscious
And god
Both knows what you do
Whom do you cheat
When did you cheat
Yourself you can deny
Besides acknowledging
Still god knows everything
Its simple
There is nothing hidden
You will regret all sins
So better be open
Be bold
Accept your flaws
Your sins
You will be lighter
Don’t hide

Ajay Kohli

Just imagine

Just imagine if you had one eye
How would you look ,and how would you see
Just imagine if you had lips above nose
Just imagine if your heart is outside
Just imagine if you don’t have joints in limbs
Just imagine if spine is one bone
I guess life would have been severe mess
Genetically we are same 99%
Still in whole life we hardly find our clone
So much variation
So much similarities
So complex
So huge management
Billions cells in one body
Billions individuals
So huge cosmos
Who is doing this
With such precision
You can say science
Then let scientists make one human in lab
Let them make one drop of blood in lab
Its super scientist
Its God
Mind blowing
Bow ,bow bow ………

Ajay Kohli

You need not to

You need not to go to church ,temple ,mosque
If you are not a sinner
Only sinners are afraid of
They know they are wrong
At their heart they are scared
If you do good
Good will come back
Even God can’t stop that
God is mere judge
He can’t punish you
For that what you have not done
He will give his judgement on basis of your deeds
So better serve someone
Instead of pretending
Do good
Love more
Hate none
No bitching
No grudges
More gratitude
Life is a bliss
Everywhere its church ,temple mosque
You need not to go

Ajay Kohli

Don’t have anything to ask

If God appears in front of me
I don’t have anything to ask
I have my home
Millions don’t have
I have good food to eat
Millions don’t have
I have nice clothes to wear
Millions don’t have
I have my family with me
Millions don’t have
I am healthy
Millions are not
I am showered with God’s blessings
I have nothing to ask
I just want to be humble
I just want to thank god
For being so benevolent
I am blessed
I wish all same

Ajay Kohli


God creates everything
All similar yet different
All dogs are dogs
Still they are different
All human are human
still they are different
No two human are similar
They are having different finger prints
They are having different eyes
And so on
Still all are having two eyes
Ten fingers
And so on
What a miracle
Such diversity
Such similarity
Its him ,God only
Hunan has not created ,a perfect robot till now
Still we deny God
We are arrogant
We created this ,we created that
You can create statues
You can’t put life in that
If you know all about genes
Show me one lab created human
Acknowledge God
He is generator  ,orator, destroyer

Ajay Kohli

Who is doing this

Who is doing this
Seed gets converted into huge tree ,
Not science I guess
Fruits get their tastes
No chef can do that
Flowers get their colours
No software I guess
Food gets converted into carb ,fats, amino acids
No laboratory can do this
Sun burning from ages
No nuclear reactor I guess
Drop of semen and egg
Becomes an individual
No doctor I guess
Thunder ,lightening, rain
No laser show or pumps
Accept his might
He is mightiest
He is God

Ajay Kohli


Sometimes people ask me how was it that when Jesus was crucified ,nailed he was smiling ,I explained as if you try to get the kernel out of fresh coconut its not possible easily but in dried it comes out by itself , same kernel Is our soul and shell is our body , if you are not enlightened you will stick to body once you get enlightened then your soul is no more attached to your body so no question of pain as pain is for body not for soul

Ajay Kohli


A learned man asked his five disciples to go and see anything they find strange
1 :he saw,an elephant with two trunks
2 :he saw a white swan eating flesh
3 :he saw a cow licking her calf to an extent that calf was blood stained
4 :he saw a well among seven other wells but the deepest well was empty
5 :he saw a big rock falling ,unstoppable but on touching a small grass it stopped
Students were very confused
Enlightened man answered their queries
1: today we have double faced people ,they preach something and practise something
2 :we have people who appear very genuine and nice but actually they are looking at your money
3: in today’s time parents are blind regarding their children they give them so much affection that they get spoilt
4 :we have so many needy people but rich people will ruin their money on luxuries but won’t give it to needy one’s
5:Today ethics are falling , people are getting selfish ,only God’s name can stop this immoral activities

Ajay Kohli

Where do I find him

He is in sea
He is in shade of tree
He is in mountain
He is in rain
He is in happiness
He is in pain
He is in loss
He is in gain
He is in sun
He is in moon
He is in mornings ,nights
He is in evenings, noon
He is in constellations, in stars
He is in Jupiter ,Saturn …….and mars
I don’t find a place where he is not there
He is now ,he is here
Open your heart,soul ,arms embrace
Everywhere is God’s grace
Every single creation is his image ,his face

Ajay Kohli