Monthly Archives: July 2016


Why do people argue
Its good to have valid discussion
But no way to have argument
It is waste of time and energy
People are too idle
They feel if they argue
They will prove wrong as right
Fools ,its not possible
They feel ,they argue and win
If I don’t answer back
Which 99% I don’t
Actually they are happy ,they win
I am happy ,I haven’t argued
As I have other jobs to do
I don’t waste time arguing



People are demanding
Crying ,screaming ,
Few are getting
Though they don’t deserve
As politicians, actors etc
I never asked for it
As I hardly give it
My thinking is different
I don’t do it just because
Someone is old ,
Someone is relative of mine
Or its a custom
Else I am influenced
All above said
Never convinced me to
I only value qualities
Pearson can be younger to me
He can be poor
Any gender ,caste ,colour
But has to has qualities
Otherwise don’t expect it from me
Else you will be rebuked .


I find this really stupid
But its very much prevalent
People generally confuse it
With love
Its very subtle
It affects most of the teens
It traps males ,females
Its kind of involuntary
But I feel its voluntary
As person deliberately
Becomes dumb
And starts avoiding reality
Ignoring ,age ,status , mental level
Psychological levels , emotional level
It never benefited anyone
It resulted in heart breaks
Tears ,depression ,rapes ,murders
Still people are deeply into it
Its nothing but simple immaturity
I never felt this
But I see my friends ,relatives
Getting into it
I see them going down
I want to tell them
But unfortunately they are
Intoxicated under its influence
I hope they understand
And get cautious timely
It ruins careers
It has nothing good about it
It is a psychological disorder .


Today you randomly check
Any profile on twitter ,Facebook etc
Everyone is a blogger
Travelling ,beauty ,diet ,fitness
God knows what all
95% are copy post
What exactly they want to prove
Blogging is in fashion these days
I find them repetitive ,Plagiarized,
We don’t need your beauty tips
We don’t need your pout faces
We don’t need your nonsense dresses
We have enough on Google
As if you want to be on page 3
You need to be an artist ,journalist
Socialite , designer ,blah blah
Similarly everyone is a blogger
This world is dying of lack of originality
Write two lines
But write what is original
What comes from you
Not from Google
Earlier I felt frustrated about this
Now I find it ridiculous .


I have this huge problem
I don’t compromise
No matter how much ,may I lose
But I stick to my views
I never compromised at school
I always had arguments with teachers
I couldn’t find them qualified
Enough to answer my queries
This continued in college
I was always branded as rebel
Actually I am too authoritative
I don’t take nonsense
If someone tries to tell me nonsense
I simply tell on his face
Get lost
Those who have understood me
Tolerate me
Rest I don’t pay damn
I am happy in my world
My life my rules
I hardly calculate how much
I lost or gained
Being like this .


I feel irritated
Seeing people so dumb
They feel other’s time is invaluable
They are dumb
They text you at 1am to discuss
Their life ,career ,resume
I being humble do listen to them
But how long
Or how many times
You are not paying me
Its none of my business
If you do a job or not
As you won’t give me share from your salary
I am not free
To listen everyone and anyone’s
My life is going great
I don’t discuss my problems if any
With anyone
I can tolerate to a limit
I try to explain once or twice
If you ask me same thing repeatedly
I will go mad
I am not your servant ,spouse ,father etc
To take your nonsense
I get irritated for sometimes
You will get depressed for long
Better don’t discuss nonsense
Keep your queries short and straight
As I am doing charity not business .


I often think
Why am I here
In this era
I don’t connect with it
I always feel nostalgic
Thinking about 100 years back
Slow life
Simple life
No hurry ,work at own pace
No competition
No fake faces
No conspiracies
People had ethics
Nature was happy
Very few vehicles ,gadgets
People had time to interact
I love old songs
I love old people
I love antiques
I love to collect old things
I feel bond with them
I feel I am mistimed.


Never it happened
That I get my work done in one go
Unnecessary hindrances
I am stubborn too
Till I get it perfect
I keep on workings over it
But l always think
Who is doing this conspiracy?


Its very easy to be abusive
Its difficult to listen
Its more difficult to listen abusive language
When you are talking to someone
There are etiquettes to be followed
Not like if you don’t like
You become abusive
People on social media
Are really intolerant
They participate in debate
If you speak against them
They will get abusive
Start threatening
I always advocated
Social media censorship
Not everyone should be allowed
To join social media
We need to have rules
To punish offenders
Like banning them
They are like weeds and pests
Spoiling sanctity of social media .

I can’t

I want to lead a peaceful life
Earlier I felt ,Europe is an ideal place
Countries like Denmark, Sweden
Calm ,quiet ,green
Now they are under grip of terror
France ,Germany now Munich 
I can’t write poetry of love
Compassion, beauty ,nature
In these circumstances
My blood boils
Listening to such incidents
Few lunatics are exploding bombs
At their wish
What all are we doing ?
What for are we waiting ?
For next attack
Why we don’t find these rats
And kill them inside their holes
Let’s get united
No caste ,no religion
For sake of humanity
Let’s be violent once
Then complete peace .