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Move ahead of boobs and booty

These days everywhere seeing people specially females going crazy over breast size ,butt ,curves and all this . Females going for implants , trying crazy diets ,just want to know what is the use of all this ,its good to be healthy ,exercise but why getting obsessive over your boobs and booty , from Jenifer Lopez to Beyonce to Kim every one is flaunting their booty , will they be having same curves once they get old ,no , I feel we should focus on healthy body ,sound mind and pure soul rather than all this artificial and superficial bodily attributes, eat right workout , go natural , no implants and for god sake no flaunting of your curves in body hugging clothes ,we love you for your wisdom , your pure soul , not for your booty ,so ladies be wise , be true after all you are beautiful creation of god ,not a porn star .

Ajay Kohli


Why sex is not fun

These days I am really disappointed the way people are indulging in sex , one night stands ,live in , pre marital sex ,extra marital sex , people think sex is fun but actually its something very responsible act you are giving birth to new creature if you don’t take responsibility ,you will either abort it , or if give birth then leave him in orphanage or in severe cases throw fetus in garbage bin ,in case of abortion its highly painful emotionally and psychologically to female she may not accept this and it has severe repercussions on her physical health too ,if she takes pills then also it has bad effects ,if baby is left in orphanage ,I want to ask what is his fault ,why he is deprived of parenthood you are spoiling future of a creature for your pleasure , that is why certain countries have banned abortions but why not make people more responsible ,why not make them realize to be more restrained and act wisely .

Ajay Kohli

Marriage and science

Marriage is not about meeting someone and get married or having sex and giving birth to children , I feel everyone shouldn’t be allowed to get married .One needs to be medically diagnosed and then given permission to get married as a child suffers many things without any of his fault as he gets genes from parents .If parents are having any problem probability is that their  kids will have few of them , depressed parents are more likely to give birth to children with any kind of mental problem , similarly patents who are diabetic are more prone to give birth to kids who may get diabetic ,thyroid it also gets transferred to kids ,many more diseases which get transferred from parents to  kids so in a way its like you are punishing coming kids for what they have done no wrong .
Option is that before every marriage couple should be scanned for all possible medical problems and if they are not fit they shouldn’t be allowed to give birth . This way we will have many benefits , less population, less medical expenditures , less trauma for kids and parents ,life will be better .

Ajay Kohli

Letter to Modi Ji

We have voted you as our PM with huge expectations , you and your party promised us huge changes on front of corruption , employment, inflation and social issues . I guess you will not get such huge mandate again ever in life ,don’t waste time and chance on proving others wrong rather be constructive be positive , don’t give excuses we will never be able to abolish article 370 if we can’t do it now ,don’t give excuses of not having majority , if necessary amend constitution ,but abolish it . We need uniform civil code to be implemented as promised by your manifesto and I support it we want to see this implemented now , you are visiting different countries and saying that before you we were ashamed of being Indian though we were never ashamed but now I want you to make us proud , you are always criticizing few people for corruption and scams let’s do it now prove their actions convict them and put them behind bars we want to see that actually are they guilty and if you can prove that I and other fellow Indians will be most happy to see them being punished , it will be an example that we can punish influential people too ,I urge you yo prove yourself and punish so called “yuvraj “and “damad ” if you have got proofs of their frauds ,not only them I want you to punish each and everyone who has done scams and looted India ,we want action not only blame game . When your govt is in full majority ,whom do you want to take actions , if you say that it was coal scam prove it and punish people involved , and I urge that it shouldn’t be like Jayalalita that she couldn’t proved guilty and is out this means allegations were false and she is innocent . We brought you as PM with huge expectations let’s forget black money as you said it was only election gimmick , look how gujjars have blocked railway tracks from past eight days ,we expect you to be a strong administrator so why no strong action against them , I urge you not to be political person rather as you say be person of words and actions true son of India don’t work for political benefit work for betterment of India and people of India , I urge that you pass a law and abolish every kind of reservation permanently amend constitution , you are in majority , you are huge admirer of technology so I urge that don’t do rallies as it spoils huge money , disrupts life of common man ,you from your office with use of technology arrange your speeches and get it live telecast on national TV once in a week ,this way money will be saved and no public inconvenience, I feel its not necessary to be always present in media rather let your work speak for you ,people will acknowledge your work if it benefits them .
I have many other issues but for now I urge to work on these issues only and once these are done we will move ahead as your and mine motive is same betterment of our India so let’s move together .
I expect that you will take this letter in very positive aspect and your actions will be more prominent than your words

Ajay Kohli


Hunger is lust
Lust of money
Lust of sex
Lust of power
Lust of fame
Hunger is lust
Lust is shame

Ajay Kohli

Weeds and pests

I am against violence of any kind ,mental ,emotional ,physical but what to do with mosquitoes who spread malaria, dengue ,cockroaches ,flies spread diseases of course we kill them else they will harm us ,similarly we have weeds in our gardens if we let them grow they will not let our useful plants to grow so we dig them out .
Same is with society we do have pests and weeds in this society ,rapists , terrorists, and other anti social elements ,what to do with them ,I am against human right activists who advocate them ,a dengue mosquito can never be useful to mankind ,so these rapists will never be made good human, we need not to be lenient with them ,they are pests and need to be killed and I don’t consider this to be violence ,its something for the safety of mankind we are eradicating those who are contaminating this world .

Ajay Kohli


These days we run to doctors for all nonsense reasons and believe me doctors are happy minting money , most of the things are lifestyle problems of all today let’s talk about constipation ,very stupid kind of thing but burning issue , researches are being done what kind of pot Indian or western, what all medicines ,yoga and all that stuff , it seems very humorous and at the same time nonsense . We run away from basics and do silly things do animals get constipation no , why they eat fibre , they walk ,simple human is an animal ,eat lots of fibre from vegetables ,fruits ,seeds drink enough water ,exercise at least take 30 min walk daily maintain routine ,go to washroom at fixed time and don’t pop pills unnecessarily. I never tell my clients to take any medication for constipation ,go natural be happy

Ajay Kohli

Whose benefit it is

प्रधानमंत्री जीवन ज्योति बीमा योजना की कुछ  जरूरी जानकारी :

कंपनी का नाम :-
STAR UNION Dai-ichi life insurance company
(विदेशी जापानी कंपनी है )

Assurance :-
Rs 2 lac on death of the insured member is payable to the Nominee only.

Surrender value /Maturity value :-
there will be no surrender value or maturity valve payable under this policy.

यानि अगर 50 साल तक पैसा भरे है पर मरे नही तो पैसा डूब गया समझो।

Eligibility :-
18 to 50 years of age.

Termination of
assurance :-

after 55 years.

Premium :-
Rs. 330 (जितनी पाँलिसी होगी उतना पैसा विदेशी कंपनी को जाऐगा )

rates of premium can be changed or revised at any time and The bank or insurance company has right to discontinue the scheme at any time.

The bank will act for and on behalf of the members in all matters. and it depends on mutual agreement between bank and insurance company.

इसका मतलब ये है कि हम कंपनी पर किसी भी प्रकार की शिकायत या मुकदमा नही कर सकते।

इससे तो बहुत ही अच्छा है LIC अपना पैसा अपने देश मे रहेगा।

प्रधान मंत्री की जीवन ज्योति योजना :

क्लेम कैसे सेटल होगा ??
नहीं मालूम..

Dai-Ichi का ऑफिस कहाँ ??
नहीं मालूम…

रिश्वत कितनी लगेगी ??
नहीं मालूम..

क्या बैंक क्लेम सेटल करवाएंगे ??
नहीं मालूम..

पेपर्स कहाँ देने होंगे ??
नहीं मालूम…

अगर खाते में पैसे नहीं हुए तो क्या पालिसी लैप्स हो जायेगी ??
नहीं मालूम….

रिवाइवल होगा भी या नहीं ??
नहीं मालूम..

बस आप तो बैंक में जाइए
बीमा लीजिये पैसा कटवाइए
और भारत सरकार की उपलब्धि के आंकड़े तैयार करवाइये ….

कल किस ने देखा ….मृत्यु के बाद पैसा नामिनी को मिला या नहीं……कैसे आप जानेंगे

अब देश की मृत्य दर 7 प्रतिशत है। यानी कि प्रतिवर्ष दस लाख की मृत्यु। इसमें से 18 से 50 की मृत्यु दर सबसे कम 1 प्रतिशत है अर्थात एक लाख है। यदि पूरे एक लाख मरते हैं तो प्रतिवर्ष…… 2लाखX1लाख=20000000000
20 अरब रुपया का भुगतान।
देश में 18 से 50 की आयु 500000000 अर्थात 50करोड़ से ज्यादा है।
50 करोड़ X330=1650000000000
16 खरब रुपया का प्रीमियम जापानी कम्पनी को।
अब आप लोग बताओ कि बहुत ही बड़ा फायदा किसका ? यहाँ की जनता का या जापानी कम्पनी का ।

Ajay Kohli

Love and sex

These days everyone is dying to mate , no restrain ,just hook ups ,crazy practises from oral to anal tell me any other species on this planet who practises oral or anal ,they only mate to breed not like human who have spoiled love for sex .
You can love a person anywhere ,need not to find isolated places ,closed rooms as loving is bliss its compassion its very pure .
You can kiss your girlfriend at park ,pool, restaurant, anywhere as it is not obscene no one will object but you can’t do sex with her in presence of others .
You don’t hurt a person when you love ,in sex its lots of aggression, demand ,hurting violence .
You don’t talk sex in front of your kids or parents but you talk love in front of anyone as its very healthy thing .
You don’t tell your parents that you f**k your girlfriend but you do tell them that you love her .
Love don’t mess places sex does you need to clean things after sex but not after love .
Love doesn’t give you AIDS or STD but sex does .
Love doesn’t need precaution like condom or other things sex does require this .
Love ends with happiness sex with frustration, repentance in some cases,complains of premature ejaculation or fake orgasms .
So keep loving and do sex only if its mutual and necessary for procreation

Ajay Kohli

Lingerie and social injustice

I sometimes wonder that when more than half of the population of this world is living life of scarcity of food ,clothes ,shelter basic needs , people dying of hunger ,diseases , malnutrition , at that time few rich people like models ,celebrities, actors are spending millions on their lingerie ,believe me lingerie needs maximum 1 metre of cloth for upper and lower and no fabric in this world is that expensive that cost of lingerie goes to thousands of dollars , if someone makes lingerie with golden wires or diamond stud what is the use of that can it be worn under garments ,no and if someone is wearing purple ,pink ,green or any other colour let me know how does it make any difference, purpose of lingerie is to give comfort ,hygiene, and covering but to my disappointment these days lingerie is made of those fabrics which are not skin friendly , regarding hygiene its something personal varies from person to person ,and covering I guess more focus on revealing . Its kind of social injustice to huge population who is deprived of basic needs ,celebrities flaunt their lingerie sometimes sell them in auctions for thousands of dollars , I urge companies to price them for how much it worth not exponential prices ,and celebrities don’t ridicule or force common women to dream of something which is not worth dreaming . Men are kind of forced into dreamland showing models wearing sexy lingerie that in some cases fuel their lust and results in anti social activities , its first time I am correlating very intimate lingerie to social issue and want people to think over it

Ajay Kohli