Why sex is not fun

These days I am really disappointed the way people are indulging in sex , one night stands ,live in , pre marital sex ,extra marital sex , people think sex is fun but actually its something very responsible act you are giving birth to new creature if you don’t take responsibility ,you will either abort it , or if give birth then leave him in orphanage or in severe cases throw fetus in garbage bin ,in case of abortion its highly painful emotionally and psychologically to female she may not accept this and it has severe repercussions on her physical health too ,if she takes pills then also it has bad effects ,if baby is left in orphanage ,I want to ask what is his fault ,why he is deprived of parenthood you are spoiling future of a creature for your pleasure , that is why certain countries have banned abortions but why not make people more responsible ,why not make them realize to be more restrained and act wisely .

Ajay Kohli


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