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देश की बागडोर है गलत लोगों के हाथ
यहां वो कर गए हैवानियत हमारे सपूतों के साथ
हम केवल कडी़ निंदा की कर रहें हैं बात
पाकिस्तान को बतानी होगी उसकी औकात
बातें कब समझ आती हैं उनको, आदत हो जिन्हे खाने की लात
कुत्ते आज कर रहे शेरों का शिकार
मोदी जी क्या नुमायश में दिखाने के लिए खरीद रहे हो हथियार
अगर ला नहीं सकते 50 पाकिस्तानी सैनिकों के सिर, तो गद्दी पर बैठने का नहीं तुमको कोई अधिकार
तुम्हारी कायरता से आज है भारतीय फौज़ शर्मसार
हमें न बहकाओ बता कर सर्जिकल सट्राईक या गुप्त आक्रमण
अब हो जाने दो खुली रण
तुम्हारे चक्कर में हमारे जवान खा रहे बुज़दिलों की लात और थप्पड़
अगर न रोका होता तुमने तो पल में निकाल देते सुअरों की अकड़
तीन साल से तुम लोगों को उल्लू बना रहे हो
सीमा पर लगातार हमारे सैनिकों की बलि चढा रहे हो
अब या तो करो ऐलाने जंग
या संसद करो भंग
सेना के हाथ में दो शासन
बच न पाए अब कोई भी दुर्योधन या दुश्शासन ।
” अजेय कोहली “

अप्रैल फूल


Love you Trump

He may be hated
He may be opposed
I find him interesting
Don’t we erect fences around our homes ,farms ?
So what’s wrong if he proposes a wall
Separating Mexico from USA
Nothing wrong in it
Huge number of illegal Mexican immigrants
Messing USA
Would you like burglars in your house?
So nothing wrong in banning terrorists
Syria ,Iraq, all know ,are  flooded with terrorists
Whom would you feed ,of course family members
Then think about neighbours ,strangers
So if he is proposing jobs for Americans
Nothing wrong in it
I guess all opposition is created
Deliberately by Democrats
Its funded
Else Trump is doing great job
Keep it up .


In 2012 BJP was in opposition and they opposed budget before elections of same five states ,which are going for elections now and budget was postponed ,same BJP is now opposing postponing budget as they are frauds ,they know that Indians are fools they will again announce nonsense like they promised about 14 lakhs during their election campaign, and people will again get trapped , BJP is actually playing most sick kind of politics ,from media to judiciary everything is hacked by them , if same supreme court had ordered to postpone budget in 2012 how could it deny now ,but it denied as its hacked by BJP , actually BJP is doing nothing good ,they are only spreading false news ,data and ordered media to telecast everything positive about them .
If you allege Congress of dynastic politics ,what are you doing ,you have given tickets to sons ,daughters of your leaders ,no grassroot worker was given ticket all big leaders relatives have been given tickets ,so stop talking nonsense ,you are only misleading people and unfortunately people are happy being fooled ,don’t forget common man will regret later but by then it would have been late .

Misleading government

Its been almost three years I have been listening ,India fastest growing economy ,GDP going great guns above 7.5% ,more than China .This is actually pure nonsense ,first of all GDP ,has nothing to do with growth of lifestyle ,country big as India and China ,huge population ,so its obvious that products and services would be more to meet demands of population ,so you are jumping in air about GDP .Government is actually fooling people giving wrong data, actually truth is far away from what govt is telling ,per capita income is much better yardstick to judge quality of life of citizens of a country , per capita income wise India is ranked at 126 even behind of Srilanka,Bhutan, Fiji, Congo ,India’s per capita income is 6658 PPP dollars per person approximately 550 dollars per month ,state of poverty is not hidden from anyone , 60% population doesn’t get two meals a day ,just by giving GDP you can’t fool people ,unfortunately social media and print media ,TV all are hacked by present govt ,they are only singing in tune with what govt is saying , actual situation of country is getting deteriorated ,only 1% of super rich are being benefitted , if things will be going this way ,I feel its not far that India will be in such pathetic state that unemployment and poverty will be prevalent and middle class will be most affected ,its time to wake up and vote out  this fraud govt ,else people will repent only.

Story vs reality

In childhood we were asked how to shorten a line without erasing it ,we were taught by drawing a longer line parallel to it. I guess it was bookish only as everywhere l am finding to shorten someone means hurt him , damage him ,demean him and many more negative behaviours .Every day I read ban Chinese goods ,boycott Chinese articles ,as I am Indian ,we are judged on basis of do we buy Chinese products ,if yes ,means we are traitors .
My questions to so called patriots
If you can’t compete with China ,why criticizing it?
why you are not raising your level ?
why you are not producing better products than China ?
why you are not providing cheaper products than Chinese ?
Why you don’t have problem using iPhone, though 90% parts of iPhone are made in China
Why you don’t have problem wearing Nike, and other foreign brands ?
If practically you stop using Chinese articles ,I guess you will die in 24 hours , your computers ,machines ,parts of heavy machinery and most of other technology related articles are made in China , problem is with you ,you can’t raise your level , you can’t compete with their prices ,technology ,and blaming China ,or branding your own country men of sedition .
You are more busy blaming others ,doing nonsense politics ,talking nonsense religions , causing riots , blocking roads ,calling strikes , practically our research and development is zero , we are just importing ideas and working  on it , our education system stinks ,bureaucracy is ailing ,politics is filthy ,system is junk , you can fool yourself giving higher figures of GDP ,USA GDP is far less than your portrayed GDP still USA is far ahead of you ,GDP is false yardstick of progress ,its only to fool people on human index India stands at 137 rank ,literacy ,nutrition ,research , health ,per capita income ,you know where India stands ,I feel we were told total nonsense by our govt and so called sycophantic followers
Let me make it clear I am much more patriot than you people ,I can anytime go to border to protect sovereignty of my country but I need not to advertise my patriotism .
Its simple rule of economy ,if you get better product at cheaper rate ,why not to take it ,so if you can’t compete with China ,don’t stop others from buying its products ,else prove yourself and make your line longer rather than trying to erase others .


Trump ! A bad guy ?
God knows
But the no. Of females
Coming out ,blaming
He groped them
He screwed them
He kissed them
He passed lewd remarks
Where were these females earlier
In USA ,I don’t think
Law and order is so poor
That a female can’t complain
Its not UAE
All these years ,why were they silent
They are not illiterate
Nor are they dumb
Its nothing but dirty politics
I guess all these females are lying
Otherwise its strange
So many females molested
No complaints .


From Bangladesh
To Istanbul
From Baghdad
To Afghanistan
From Serbia
To Pakistan
What we are hearing
Bomb blasts ,killings
Suicide bombers
So much fanaticism
So much hatred
On name of religion
Its not jihad
Its sin
They are not flourishing
Because of support
But because of neglect
Of superpowers
We don’t have wish
To counter them
As we feel its not happening to us
But remember it will affect you too
Wake up ,take action
Finish these terrorists
Else they will finish you .

Who is fool

They first tell you not to eat fat
Then they say if you don’t eat fat
It will be injurious
As vitamin A,D,E,K
Will not be absorbed by your body
You need to have cholesterol
For your body to work properly
Then there is good fat ,bad fat
Good cholesterol ,bad cholesterol
PUFA ,MUFA,saturated ,unsaturated
They tell you not to eat carb
Then good carb ,bad carb
Refined carb ,complex carb
If you eat more protein
Your kidney and liver get affected
If you eat less you will have muscular problems
One research says drink coffee
Others say don’t drink it
Still all over world
Dominos ,pizza hut ,McDonald’s
and don’t know how many more
Doing billion dollars business
No government scrap them
No government question them
Or ban them
They sell bad fat
Refined carbs
Look at Colas pure nonsense
Still doing great business
Let me know who is actual fool
Those who know what is right or wrong
Those who don’t know
Those who publish research
Those who read research
Those who eat all this
Those who are selling all this
The governments
Literate or illiterate
I guess its a question
Actually who is biggest fool among all

Ajay Kohli