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Merely saying ,” get up ” Its easy 

When life kicks you 

You go insane 

Everywhere its dark 

Day is invisible

Just giving suggestions ,will it work ? 

Running from reality ,

Chanting mantras 

Will God help ?


I wonder Sometimes disturbed 

Does God exist ? 

Man is perplexed 

So many religions ,so many scriptures 

Still all unclear

Do answers lie inside 

What exactly want to know 

Its mystery 

How many more births 

What is real ,what is imaginary ?


Less you know ,more happy you are 

Child is more happy ,that may be the reason 

As we grow ,we become more manipulative 

Always worried about tomorrow 

You solve one problem ,next is there to be solved 

Everyone is using others 

In search of happeness ,we are losing our present .


If you ignore me 

Then ,for me you are no more 

Later you plead ,scream ,yell 

I will turn deaf ear 

I don’t live with emotions 

Relationship once broken ,its broken forever 

Think million times ,before going away 

Later I don’t consider any excuses 

I don’t mind ,refusing to accept 

That I never knew you .


When one chapter of life finishes
Don’t be sad about it
Forget it and move ahead
Life is waiting for you
New characters ,new chapters
New love ,new interests
Why to cry for ,who has left
Accept who is in your life now
My life is not one chapter ,its huge book
Characters come and go into it
Those who are at present are reality
Rest are dreams .

Let me

Let me be human
I do get angry
Let me scream
I do feel like eating good food
Let me eat some unhealthy but tasty food
I do feel lust
Let me have sex
I do feel nostalgic
Let me travel this world
Who is stopping me
Its me indeed
My ego ,my responsibilities ,my ethics .


Its not world’s problem
Its my fault
I am not shrewd
I take people seriously
I listen to them
I try to help them
I am compassionate
I spend time on them
I don’t demand money
I trust
I give them solutions
I sacrifice my time and sleep
Its indeed my fault to be nice
World is for mean .


A marine ,who trains so hard
Stays away from his family
In terror land
He doesn’t has any personal enmity
With any of those whom he shoots
Or he got shot
He is just following orders
Doing his duty
He gets a normal pay
Other hand ,pop star
Biber ,Madonna ,lady gaga
God knows who all
They are doing nothing
Just screaming ,gesturing middle fingers
Wearing stupid outfits
They are earning in billions
Marine dies anonymously
These so called stars die as legends
Isn’t biased ?

Rich vs poor

People make relationships according to your status
If he  can do some favour
He is gem
Poor has no friends
Even if rich is corrupt
You will only see his qualities
Never shall you see his drawbacks
You are blindly following rich
As he will handover his fortune to you only
Its ridiculous to see such relationship
Fake love ,fake gratitude ,fake respect .


I do get angry
But I don’t ,shout or yell
I let my anger dwell
I become silent
I introspect
I wait for right moment
To take revenge
As I don’t forgive
But I am not violent
Enemies are confused
As they don’t understand my behaviour
This make my job easier
I hit their ego
I kill them without any weapons
I psychologically destroy them.