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Misleading government

Its been almost three years I have been listening ,India fastest growing economy ,GDP going great guns above 7.5% ,more than China .This is actually pure nonsense ,first of all GDP ,has nothing to do with growth of lifestyle ,country big as India and China ,huge population ,so its obvious that products and services would be more to meet demands of population ,so you are jumping in air about GDP .Government is actually fooling people giving wrong data, actually truth is far away from what govt is telling ,per capita income is much better yardstick to judge quality of life of citizens of a country , per capita income wise India is ranked at 126 even behind of Srilanka,Bhutan, Fiji, Congo ,India’s per capita income is 6658 PPP dollars per person approximately 550 dollars per month ,state of poverty is not hidden from anyone , 60% population doesn’t get two meals a day ,just by giving GDP you can’t fool people ,unfortunately social media and print media ,TV all are hacked by present govt ,they are only singing in tune with what govt is saying , actual situation of country is getting deteriorated ,only 1% of super rich are being benefitted , if things will be going this way ,I feel its not far that India will be in such pathetic state that unemployment and poverty will be prevalent and middle class will be most affected ,its time to wake up and vote out  this fraud govt ,else people will repent only.


Story vs reality

In childhood we were asked how to shorten a line without erasing it ,we were taught by drawing a longer line parallel to it. I guess it was bookish only as everywhere l am finding to shorten someone means hurt him , damage him ,demean him and many more negative behaviours .Every day I read ban Chinese goods ,boycott Chinese articles ,as I am Indian ,we are judged on basis of do we buy Chinese products ,if yes ,means we are traitors .
My questions to so called patriots
If you can’t compete with China ,why criticizing it?
why you are not raising your level ?
why you are not producing better products than China ?
why you are not providing cheaper products than Chinese ?
Why you don’t have problem using iPhone, though 90% parts of iPhone are made in China
Why you don’t have problem wearing Nike, and other foreign brands ?
If practically you stop using Chinese articles ,I guess you will die in 24 hours , your computers ,machines ,parts of heavy machinery and most of other technology related articles are made in China , problem is with you ,you can’t raise your level , you can’t compete with their prices ,technology ,and blaming China ,or branding your own country men of sedition .
You are more busy blaming others ,doing nonsense politics ,talking nonsense religions , causing riots , blocking roads ,calling strikes , practically our research and development is zero , we are just importing ideas and working  on it , our education system stinks ,bureaucracy is ailing ,politics is filthy ,system is junk , you can fool yourself giving higher figures of GDP ,USA GDP is far less than your portrayed GDP still USA is far ahead of you ,GDP is false yardstick of progress ,its only to fool people on human index India stands at 137 rank ,literacy ,nutrition ,research , health ,per capita income ,you know where India stands ,I feel we were told total nonsense by our govt and so called sycophantic followers
Let me make it clear I am much more patriot than you people ,I can anytime go to border to protect sovereignty of my country but I need not to advertise my patriotism .
Its simple rule of economy ,if you get better product at cheaper rate ,why not to take it ,so if you can’t compete with China ,don’t stop others from buying its products ,else prove yourself and make your line longer rather than trying to erase others .

Letter to PM Modi

Modi Ji ,I am a common man ,citizen of India ,I don’t have any black money , but to my disappointment ,I am harassed unnecessarily ,I am made to stand in queues to have my own money , I have money which because of your nonsense decision has got no value , I have lost my purchasing power ,I can’t buy normal household items because my money has been declared useless , I have visited three banks to get my money exchanged but I couldn’t get it exchanged nor could I withdraw from my account as there was no cash in the banks by 2:30 pm .What is the sense of keeping banks open till 8 pm if they don’t have cash to give , I am not idle to waste my time standing in queues that too to get my own money .
      More disheartening was that my old parents too were standing in queues for more than two hours ,sorry to say but I am not as selfish as you are who visit your mother only on your birthday that too for media limelight ,you don’t bother to keep her with you at your residence ,you may be a patriot or you pretend so but I feel its shear exploitation and mental harassment to see my old parents standing in queues .
            You want to curb black money kindly do so but do it in sensible way ,can’t you see all those who live in farmhouses ,who own multiple properties ,who roam in luxury cars ,who visit abroad often ,who flaunt their phones and jewellery , who splurge money on parties , marriages ,you have got all data ,still you don’t take action ,nothing is hidden if I can notice who around me has huge money can’t system do so ,of course it can but it turns blind eye as your target is not black money ,your target is creating news ,fooling people , harassing common man , 99% people standing in queues were common man ,I haven’t seen any celebrity standing in lines to get a sum of Rs 4000 ,its only common man who is made space goat .        
  Its first time in last 15 years that I have to return home empty handed ,as I have ritual of purchasing something before I enter my house in the evening ,today I couldn’t as no legitimate money .
       You are taking all these decisions only to have more money which you will give to business houses ,who already owe more than 1 lakh crore to banks ,its our money which you give them ,then they refuse to return and you couldn’t do any harm to them .
             Once new currency will be in market again people will hoard it ,what will you do then ,how many times you will introduce new currency ? Problem is somewhere else , you need to be honest and take action on actual sources of black money rather than taking such immature and unwise steps .


They come for a day or week
They leave you with tiredness ,depression
They leave you economically poor
They are actually created
By smart business houses
To sell their fake ,obsolete articles
To fool people
Surprisingly we have millions of fools
Who purchase ,even what they don’t need
Because its portrayed discounted
Which actually is not .


Economics says
You can’t sell below your cost price
As main motive of trade
Is to generate profit
What the nonsense then
Discount is?
Everywhere its discount
Buy one get one free
Get discount of 50%,60%,70%
And so on
Are traders fools that they will
Suffer loss
Or they are saints
Doing social service
Selling below cost price
No way
Actually costumers are fools
Their mindset had become sick
They don’t think
They have this lust
Of intoxication ,to feel
As if they have achieved great
Buying at discount
Though they are just being tricked
All big brands to smaller brands
Are trying to woo consumers
Fooling them with discount
Its actually more of psychology
Rather than economics
Its about sick mindset
Of getting more
Its about lust
Its about hoarding
Its about social injustice
Its about inequalities
Its actually a mental disorder .


There are many things
Many acts
Which are actually waste
From travelling in big cars
As motive is travelling
So it can be in small car too
From eating at hotels
Paying hefty bills
As motive is to fulfill appetite
So can eat at home too
Wearing expensive clothes and accessories
As motive is to cover body
So simple clothes will do that
Gap between rich and poor
Is widening
Rich living in mansions
Poor dying of hunger on streets
Rich prefer to keep their pets
In ac rooms
Human babies are dying of heat
No leader dares to raise these issues
As they are being funded by these super rich
World is heading towards disaster
Environmental degradation
To quench desires of rich
All efforts which are advertised
Are an eyewash
Stop wasting
Its a sin .


We wish it should rain
They wish it shouldn’t
Rain is same
For some its boon
For others its pain
Farmers wish it rains when they have to sow seeds
Farmers wish it shouldn’t rain when crop is ready for harvesting
Children wish it should rain ,its too hot
Children wish it shouldn’t rain as they have no home ,pavements are wet ,no place to sleep
Grocer wish it should rain ,he will earn profit from hoarding stuff
Grocer wish it shouldn’t rain as good crop will deflate prices
Rain is confused it should or shouldn’t rain

Ajay Kohli

Whose benefit it is

प्रधानमंत्री जीवन ज्योति बीमा योजना की कुछ  जरूरी जानकारी :

कंपनी का नाम :-
STAR UNION Dai-ichi life insurance company
(विदेशी जापानी कंपनी है )

Assurance :-
Rs 2 lac on death of the insured member is payable to the Nominee only.

Surrender value /Maturity value :-
there will be no surrender value or maturity valve payable under this policy.

यानि अगर 50 साल तक पैसा भरे है पर मरे नही तो पैसा डूब गया समझो।

Eligibility :-
18 to 50 years of age.

Termination of
assurance :-

after 55 years.

Premium :-
Rs. 330 (जितनी पाँलिसी होगी उतना पैसा विदेशी कंपनी को जाऐगा )

rates of premium can be changed or revised at any time and The bank or insurance company has right to discontinue the scheme at any time.

The bank will act for and on behalf of the members in all matters. and it depends on mutual agreement between bank and insurance company.

इसका मतलब ये है कि हम कंपनी पर किसी भी प्रकार की शिकायत या मुकदमा नही कर सकते।

इससे तो बहुत ही अच्छा है LIC अपना पैसा अपने देश मे रहेगा।

प्रधान मंत्री की जीवन ज्योति योजना :

क्लेम कैसे सेटल होगा ??
नहीं मालूम..

Dai-Ichi का ऑफिस कहाँ ??
नहीं मालूम…

रिश्वत कितनी लगेगी ??
नहीं मालूम..

क्या बैंक क्लेम सेटल करवाएंगे ??
नहीं मालूम..

पेपर्स कहाँ देने होंगे ??
नहीं मालूम…

अगर खाते में पैसे नहीं हुए तो क्या पालिसी लैप्स हो जायेगी ??
नहीं मालूम….

रिवाइवल होगा भी या नहीं ??
नहीं मालूम..

बस आप तो बैंक में जाइए
बीमा लीजिये पैसा कटवाइए
और भारत सरकार की उपलब्धि के आंकड़े तैयार करवाइये ….

कल किस ने देखा ….मृत्यु के बाद पैसा नामिनी को मिला या नहीं……कैसे आप जानेंगे

अब देश की मृत्य दर 7 प्रतिशत है। यानी कि प्रतिवर्ष दस लाख की मृत्यु। इसमें से 18 से 50 की मृत्यु दर सबसे कम 1 प्रतिशत है अर्थात एक लाख है। यदि पूरे एक लाख मरते हैं तो प्रतिवर्ष…… 2लाखX1लाख=20000000000
20 अरब रुपया का भुगतान।
देश में 18 से 50 की आयु 500000000 अर्थात 50करोड़ से ज्यादा है।
50 करोड़ X330=1650000000000
16 खरब रुपया का प्रीमियम जापानी कम्पनी को।
अब आप लोग बताओ कि बहुत ही बड़ा फायदा किसका ? यहाँ की जनता का या जापानी कम्पनी का ।

Ajay Kohli

Not so pro poor

Have you ever imagined how much will be the expenses on maintaining  white house , India’s president house and all over world maintaining so called parliaments , houses of ministers and all that I guess it will be in billions per year . Then we have hotels where meetings and seminars are held we have offices of UN , and its division , how much electricity ,water and other things these buildings consume any idea , huge .what all they discuss and tells that they are working to eradicate poverty and give social and economic justice but are we anywhere near it , no , poor are getting more poor they are deprived of basic things , we have meetings and seminars but no solution because our intentions are not good and right our intentions are to create hype show we care have luxurious life and tell world we are pro poor actually we are using poor to our benefit and continue organising seminars and enjoying elite food and lodging expensive air travels and free of cost roaming to foreign countries without finding concrete solution to poverty . I wish if we do have genuine leaders who without doing all this drama really work on this issue and try to sort out this problem

Ajay Kohli