Raksha bandhan 

Friendship day 


This world is myth This body is mud 

World is denying this fact 

Men keep polishing this mud 

They differentiate this mud as white ,black 

This mud has different shapes 

Nose ,lips ,butt ,bust 

One gets attracted towards this mud 

One hugs ,kiss this mud 

This mud is full of arrogance 

Till you are mud you are in sorrow 

The day this mud mixes with earth 

No pain ,no sorrows.



He claimed he loves her 

Male love means lust only 

If he is saying its not ,he is lying 

He sees bust and butt 

He wants to hold your curves 

It satisfies his lust 

So a female is fool ,if she feels she is loved 

All complements are meant to reach into bed 

All expensive gifts are bribe 

Final motive is to make her naked 

Feel her bare body .




Selfie ​