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I don’t understand

Rio Olympics going on
Few great athletes ,Phelps ,bolt
Few new faces
Athletes putting best efforts
Now comes the psychology
Losers are giving excuses
Their countrymen giving reasons
Bad infrastructure, lack of resources
I haven’t seen even a single athlete
Who is not wearing branded outfits
Playing without  best equipments
Nike ,puma ,yonex , many more
Same time I noticed a labourer
Carrying 24 bricks on his head at a time
Going four stories from 9 am – 5pm
He ate bread with onion
His efforts are not efforts ?
He doesn’t deserve nutritious food ?
He doesn’t deserve decent clothes ?
Winning athletes will be showered with crores of rupees
But this labourer won’t get his daily wage
Sometimes as his contractor denies
So don’t talk nonsense that
Athletes work hard
They lack infrastructures
Don’t ask for sympathy
Don’t give excuses
Everyone is working hard
Against odds
If you win good
If you lose accept it
Without excuses
We are biased
I don’t understand
We are actually influenced by media
Which shows Olympics
But doesn’t show a labourer
With same equanimity.


I believe

If one does mistake
Pardon him
If he does it again
Warn him
If he does third time
Punish him
If he does and don’t accept
Consider him dead
Mistakes,don’t include rape and murders
As for these crimes
Simply death for first attempt
This is what I believe.

I can’t

I want to lead a peaceful life
Earlier I felt ,Europe is an ideal place
Countries like Denmark, Sweden
Calm ,quiet ,green
Now they are under grip of terror
France ,Germany now Munich 
I can’t write poetry of love
Compassion, beauty ,nature
In these circumstances
My blood boils
Listening to such incidents
Few lunatics are exploding bombs
At their wish
What all are we doing ?
What for are we waiting ?
For next attack
Why we don’t find these rats
And kill them inside their holes
Let’s get united
No caste ,no religion
For sake of humanity
Let’s be violent once
Then complete peace .


If you speak Hindi to a French
Who doesn’t understand Hindi
He will be least bothered even
If you abuse him
Means ,if you don’t understand
You won’t react
Similarly people will retaliate
Only to language they understand
So don’t you think
Terrorist should be talked
In language they understand
Language of bullets
Don’t pamper them with peace
They are beasts
They need to be treated like beasts
No mercy ,No human rights
Simply show them way to hell .


Don’t glorify terror
Don’t make them heroes
They are cruel fanatics
Who are just fooling people
They are maniacs
Who find pleasure in brutality
They don’t have ethics
They don’t have principles
They are mad
To satisfy their lust
Their aggression
To satisfy their fanaticism
They take religion as shield
Don’t get trapped
Don’t show sympathy towards them
They are mad dogs
Bullet shot on head
Is their valid punishment.


Whites are killing blacks
Blacks are killing whites
Muslims are killing Hindus
Muslims are killing Muslims
Muslims are killing Christians
Christmas are killing Muslims
Hindus are killing Muslims
Males are killing females
Females are chopping males genitals
Don’t understand how come
We are called civilized ?
I wonder why we call animals ,beast
They don’t kill unnecessarily.


Cop stopped him for tail light
He asked him for license
He put his hand in his pocket
To take out license
He pumped four bullets into his chest
His girlfriend shot all this
Who was more insensitive
His girlfriend or the cop
Cop was white
He was black
USA claims its developed
So many hate crimes
Such racism
So much hatred
Why do people want to go to USA?

Spiritual quotient

One of my fellow blogger encouraged me to write something on spiritual quotient, we generally are obsessed with intellectual one every psychological test revolves around it .
Sometimes we do hear about emotional one its new trend but I feel besides these I have researched on spiritual and failure quotient.
Let’s discuss about spirituality ,it has nothing to do with religion ,you can be from any religion ,any gender ,race etc , actually we all are only home sapiens nothing else , all further divisions are man made .
We are living in a world full of competition ,which has lead to hatred ,lust ,lust of money ,power ,sex ,status etc .We are taught to be successful at every cost ,no  matter  its right or wrong, we are judged by our grades ,degrees ,qualification, in doing all this we have reached to a point where life is machine ,we are running but not reaching anywhere.
You ask a millionaire ,is he content ,no he wants more , this is leading towards a life which is insane .
I give you an example a person who is very intellectual but he is corrupt he will be lethal to this world ,he will use his knowledge to earn money ,earn power and in doing this he may do wrong things ,terrorism today is an example of this ,terrorist are well educated guys with no ethics ,they want power and money ,so they don’t find anything wrong in carrying out bomb blasts etc.
A company hires a guy ,he is well qualified but he sells secrets of company because he is getting money , so actually this guy is unethical. Now what is ethical ,who will define it ,everyone knows alcohol is injurious ,still people drink ,why ,no valid or ethical reason ,otherwise its for society ,traditional etc . similarly prostitution is wrong all over world as you are doing something which you can’t justify to your children ,you won’t tell your children that you visited a prostitute ,similarly there are various examples which are wrong still very much prevalent in society , because of weak ethics ,we accept or adopt that on the name of modernization ,society ,need etc , actually spirituality is not doing anything which is wrong , a person has to be very determined to be spiritual , its not an easy path , suppose you lost your job ,you get an offer to do drug trafficking ,will you do? ,a person who is spiritually weak will accept this offer as his need is money ,he is least bothered about what impact it will leave on those who consume it , I can write a whole book on this topic but I feel blog needn’t to be very long so would like to conclude with this that a person should be judged spiritually too as he may not be very intellectual but he may be very loyal and trustworthy which in reality is very rare these days ,and our world need such persons desperately.

Ajay Kohli


In a hut ,a poor man ,his young daughter
So poor they were that
One cloth to cover up
If father goes out
Daughter naked inside hut
Hardly gets food
Once father was out
Daughter inside hut ,naked
Hole in the hut
Guy walking by saw naked young girl
He had lust
He waited there
Father returned ,young guy offered him money
In return of spending time with his daughter
Old man agreed ,he was hungry
He walked away
Young man walked in
He laid down the girl on broken bed
Undressed himself
Girl was motionless
Guy wanted to mate her
Was not able to
As the naked ,weak ,bony body of girl was motionless
Girl was not speaking anything
Her eyes were speaking
It made guys so guilty
He couldn’t touch her
He was feeling guilty
Feeling regret
He walked out of hut
Father was standing
In shame
Guy was in shame
Girl was still emotionless
Hunger of food
Hunger of sex
No one spoke a single word
Still there were screams
Screams of shame
Screams of guilt
Humanity speared
Hunger still prevails
Every time girl will not be left
There will be hyenas
Who will scratch her flesh to satisfy their hunger
Girl will be emotionless
Father will be speechless
Humanity will be ashamed

Ajay Kohli


There is no money bigger than family
No bigger advisor than father
No world bigger than mother
No bigger partner than brother
No bigger well wisher than sister
No bigger friend than wife
No life without family

There is no rule in family but system
There is no information in family but understanding
There is no law in family but discipline
There is no fear in family but assurance
There is no exploitation in family but nourishment
There is no yearning in family but respect
There is no contact in family but relationship
There is no offerings in family but sacrifice

Ajay Kohli