I don’t understand

Rio Olympics going on
Few great athletes ,Phelps ,bolt
Few new faces
Athletes putting best efforts
Now comes the psychology
Losers are giving excuses
Their countrymen giving reasons
Bad infrastructure, lack of resources
I haven’t seen even a single athlete
Who is not wearing branded outfits
Playing without  best equipments
Nike ,puma ,yonex , many more
Same time I noticed a labourer
Carrying 24 bricks on his head at a time
Going four stories from 9 am – 5pm
He ate bread with onion
His efforts are not efforts ?
He doesn’t deserve nutritious food ?
He doesn’t deserve decent clothes ?
Winning athletes will be showered with crores of rupees
But this labourer won’t get his daily wage
Sometimes as his contractor denies
So don’t talk nonsense that
Athletes work hard
They lack infrastructures
Don’t ask for sympathy
Don’t give excuses
Everyone is working hard
Against odds
If you win good
If you lose accept it
Without excuses
We are biased
I don’t understand
We are actually influenced by media
Which shows Olympics
But doesn’t show a labourer
With same equanimity.


2 thoughts on “I don’t understand

  1. A thought provoking post Ajay…:-)


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