Cop stopped him for tail light
He asked him for license
He put his hand in his pocket
To take out license
He pumped four bullets into his chest
His girlfriend shot all this
Who was more insensitive
His girlfriend or the cop
Cop was white
He was black
USA claims its developed
So many hate crimes
Such racism
So much hatred
Why do people want to go to USA?


2 thoughts on “Hatred

  1. A simple yet powerful piece! Although I do not live in the US, I know how you must feel. For a nation that portrays itself to be morally superior – with its advocacy for freedom, rights, and democracy – America still lags behind when it comes to the inclusivity of marginalized groups/minorities. The police force can do a lot better.
    On a side note, do check out my page too if you’re interested šŸ™‚


    1. Even I don’t live in USA but I feel social media does this for us ,convey our messages to far lands ,what we feel ,how we are sad about increasing hatred


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