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New denims
Torn at knees ,thighs
Beggar ,wearing torn
Is poor ,miserable ,shabby
Rich wearing torn
Is stylish ,rebel , fashionable
Same denims
Different persons
Different views
Confusion ……….
Beggar is forced ,no choice
Rich is doing this ,why?
Psychological problem ?
Wants to expose ?
To catch an eye ?

Unwashed jeans

Today I was reading people’s views regarding washing their pair of jeans and shocked that people don’t wash their jeans for years ,few among them never washed it ever , few wash it once in a year , they may be environmentalist ,save water and detergent and don’t pollute .
CEO Levi’s Chip Bergh says he only washes his jeans once in a year , Tommy Hilfiger says he never washed his jeans ,on environmental front its nice but on hygiene and health front disgusting ,how can you wear filthy thing for an year ,oh God, please don’t promote such unhygienic habits rather develop ways where we can clean clothes without water and eco friendly products but for God sake do wash them it stinks

Ajay Kohli

Short outfits

I am not anti feminist ,still I want to ask why do females wear short or revealing outfits ,though females are more concerned about tanning , and blemishes still I notice that they are wearing short outfits .If we go by psychology its something to attract others as in short clothes I don’t feel they are comfortable anywhere ,they need to be extra cautious while bending and sitting so comfort is no excuse , I guess if females wear more covered clothes they will be more comfortable and relaxed .Revealing clothes definitely give them attention but in wrong ways its sexual attraction ,I would love to know the reasons if females have any ,why they wear revealing clothes .

Ajay Kohli

Move ahead of boobs and booty

These days everywhere seeing people specially females going crazy over breast size ,butt ,curves and all this . Females going for implants , trying crazy diets ,just want to know what is the use of all this ,its good to be healthy ,exercise but why getting obsessive over your boobs and booty , from Jenifer Lopez to Beyonce to Kim every one is flaunting their booty , will they be having same curves once they get old ,no , I feel we should focus on healthy body ,sound mind and pure soul rather than all this artificial and superficial bodily attributes, eat right workout , go natural , no implants and for god sake no flaunting of your curves in body hugging clothes ,we love you for your wisdom , your pure soul , not for your booty ,so ladies be wise , be true after all you are beautiful creation of god ,not a porn star .

Ajay Kohli

Lingerie and social injustice

I sometimes wonder that when more than half of the population of this world is living life of scarcity of food ,clothes ,shelter basic needs , people dying of hunger ,diseases , malnutrition , at that time few rich people like models ,celebrities, actors are spending millions on their lingerie ,believe me lingerie needs maximum 1 metre of cloth for upper and lower and no fabric in this world is that expensive that cost of lingerie goes to thousands of dollars , if someone makes lingerie with golden wires or diamond stud what is the use of that can it be worn under garments ,no and if someone is wearing purple ,pink ,green or any other colour let me know how does it make any difference, purpose of lingerie is to give comfort ,hygiene, and covering but to my disappointment these days lingerie is made of those fabrics which are not skin friendly , regarding hygiene its something personal varies from person to person ,and covering I guess more focus on revealing . Its kind of social injustice to huge population who is deprived of basic needs ,celebrities flaunt their lingerie sometimes sell them in auctions for thousands of dollars , I urge companies to price them for how much it worth not exponential prices ,and celebrities don’t ridicule or force common women to dream of something which is not worth dreaming . Men are kind of forced into dreamland showing models wearing sexy lingerie that in some cases fuel their lust and results in anti social activities , its first time I am correlating very intimate lingerie to social issue and want people to think over it

Ajay Kohli

Why its bad to be perfectionist

I have this bad habit of doing everything perfectly ,believe me its one of the most nonsense thing a person can do its kind of perfection to obsession , I have been searching pair of shoes for myself and it took more than six months to find one that I can say perfect ,for this I ordered to my friends who are dealing in shoes ,ordered online , visited personally almost each and every possible market in Delhi from lajpat nagar to Ballimaran but couldn’t find my pairs of shoes ,it may appear ridiculous but my life is like this sometimes I feel am I mad or what who is living with no compromises ,life becomes difficult but still I feel I am like this ,finally two days back got my perfect shoes .

Ajay Kohli