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Weeds are always stronger than
Useful plants
You don’t find pests on weeds
They grow without being sown
They occupy space of useful plants
They are more absorbent
Similarly we have weeds around us
Same characteristics
If you don’t root them out
They will get stronger
And kill you
Before they kill you
Kill them.



I tried my best to sleep early
Sometimes at 11pm
Eyes start getting closed
I think will sleep by 12 am
Then things start happening
Beyond my control
On ordinary days I sleep by 2am
On day ,I am damn tired
I sleep by 3:30 am
More tired I am
More I want to take rest
Less sleep I get
Its sure to happen
Unfortunately I get less time to sleep
On those particular days
Its totally unplanned .


Irony is we talk about reforms
We don’t incorporate them in our lives
Irony is we tell others a lot
We don’t follow bit of it
Irony is we respect genuine guys
After their death
Irony is we talk about relationship
We value money
Irony is we adore love
We think sex
Irony is we want to listen truth
From others about others
Not about us .


I don’t get tired of work
I get tired of wait
I am very strict about time
If I have to meet someone
I reach 5 min before
But I don’t find others like this
They delay by hours ,days
I don’t want to waste my time
For such idiots
Still sometimes I have to
I hate indiscipline.


I have work to do
Sleep is at its peak
Trying best to avert it
But its adamant
Other day no work
No sleep
Who the hell is doing conspiracy.


We are progressing
Reaching moon ,mars
Developing gadgets ,virtual realities
Driverless cars , wearable gadgets
Google ,IBM , pentium ……
Competing among themselves
Kindly do make some gadget
Which incorporate humanity
Into empty souls
Dead conscious
So that
A husband doesn’t carry dead body
Of his wife on shoulders
For 20 km
As hospital denied him ambulance
So that
A father doesn’t leave
His two daughters locked inside room
They were there to die
Without food ,water ,toilet
They got worms creeping on their bodies
So that
Mother ,epitome of love
“As said ”
Doesn’t leave her daughters to die
In pathetic conditions
So that
So called literate ,PhD student
Doesn’t rape his fellow female
Drugging her
I will be indebted to Google ,IBM
If they can develop
Something like this
To infuse humanity
Otherwise I guess
They have done more harm than good
They killed friendship
By chatting and texting .


How they are fooling us
Taking money ,monthly ,quarterly ,yearly
For what ?
To give when we die
Law of attraction
Says you will attract
What you think
So people get accidental insurance
As they think about accidents
They attract accidents
Similarly ,theft ,fire , medical etc
Means you are attracting all bad
We are not sure about next moment
We pay for 40 years
To get back at 60
How stupid !

Krishna happy birthday

भैया कृष्ण मक्खन खाओगे तो बढ़ जाएगा कलेस्ट्रोल
पड़ जाएगा हार्ट अटैक का झोल
दूध में है आजकल यूरिया मिलाया
देश पर छाया घनघोर भ्रष्टाचार का साया 
सब को प्रिय धन दौलत और माया
सु ना उठाया तूने गोवर्द्धन, बना गिरिधारी
देश डूबा आजकल बाढ़ में भारी 
क्यों नहीं दिखाते करतब कोई चम्तकारी
आज द्रौपदी जैसी असहाय  नहीं रही नारी
अब वह खुद ही है दुर्योधन की जंघा पर बैठने को तैयार
बस मिलना चाहिए बड़ा मोबाईल, मँहगी कार
तो क्या करना है सत्यवादी युधिष्ठिर बेकार
आज गीता का मुफ्त वाला भी नहीं है खरीदार
चेतन भगत कर रहा हाफ गर्ल फ्रेंड बेच कर जबरदस्त व्यापार
अब न मीरा की भक्ति  न राधा का प्यार
बिठा लो किसी भी बाला को गोद, में देकर हीरे का हार
आज घर घर मे, महाभारत, गली गली कंस
तुम पर रहा ठहाके, मार कर हंस
आज गौ रक्षा के नाम पर गुंडे रहे फल फूल 
स्वार्थ है हर रिश्ते का मूल
ज्ञान की बाते लगे शूळ
भैया बंसी बहुत बजा ली, अब सुदर्शन उठाओ
हो अगर कृष्ण तो कंसों को अपना  पराक्रम दिखाओ
अज्ञान के तिमर को हटा कर ज्ञान की जोत जगाओ
उम्मीद है मेरी खरी खोटी तेरी तेरी समझ में आए
कृष्ण जन्म की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं ।

Don’t be

When dog wags his tail
It will lick your feet
When lion wags its tail
It will attack you
Don’t live dog’s life
Tied with collar
Be lion
Live free
Live fearless
No matter which breed dog is
Dog remains dog
Every dog may has its day
Lion has every day
Its day .

I don’t

I don’t respect anyone
I don’t disrespect anyone either
I don’t shout
I don’t let anyone shout at me
I don’t rule anyone
I don’t let anyone rule over me
I don’t love anyone
I don’t let anyone love me
I don’t care about anyone
No one should care about me
I am simple ,straight
I don’t see simple and straight people