We are progressing
Reaching moon ,mars
Developing gadgets ,virtual realities
Driverless cars , wearable gadgets
Google ,IBM , pentium ……
Competing among themselves
Kindly do make some gadget
Which incorporate humanity
Into empty souls
Dead conscious
So that
A husband doesn’t carry dead body
Of his wife on shoulders
For 20 km
As hospital denied him ambulance
So that
A father doesn’t leave
His two daughters locked inside room
They were there to die
Without food ,water ,toilet
They got worms creeping on their bodies
So that
Mother ,epitome of love
“As said ”
Doesn’t leave her daughters to die
In pathetic conditions
So that
So called literate ,PhD student
Doesn’t rape his fellow female
Drugging her
I will be indebted to Google ,IBM
If they can develop
Something like this
To infuse humanity
Otherwise I guess
They have done more harm than good
They killed friendship
By chatting and texting .

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