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Busy techie

Busy techie sitting on rickshaw
Busy on his laptop
Unaware of traffic
There comes a speeding car
Rickshaw puller tried to save
There is a pit
Here goes rickshaw into it
Laptop on one side
Techie on other
Rickshaw puller down
Quickly up his feet
Checked his rickshaw
Paddled it
Techie still on road
Yelling at system
Then comes thought of laptop
Oh God! What have you done
My system gone
I was watching all this
And thinking
Should I feel pity on techie
Or rickshaw puller
Or have a laugh
Techie got his coding wrong
System crashed


What good ?

You have pain
Doctor will give painkillers
It will cure pain temporary
But causes ill effects on kidneys surely
You have depression
Doctor will give you anti depressants
It may make you feel better
But it will make you diabetic ,obese surely
You have hypertension
Doctor will give you medicines
It may or may not treat it
But will surely affect your heart
You have high cholesterol
Doctor will give you anti coagulant
It hardly treats cholesterol
It will surely affect your memory
Medicines are not targeting diseases
But definitely putting adverse affects
On other organs
What good, science is doing
I wonder ?


Nature has given us hundreds of fruits
To supplement us with vitamins
Science has given us millions of pills
Nature has given us mineral water
Science has given us pesticides treated water
Nature has given us fresh air
Science has given us contaminated air from AC
Polluted air from vehicles
Nature has given us health
Science has given us diseases
Nature has given us chirping of birds
Flowing of water ,sound of rain drops
Science has given us deafening sounds
At disco ,airports , traffic
More technology ,more mess
Be simple ,stay close to nature
Avoid gadgets, be happy .


No one actually likes anything
Its just that
When one relates to something
He likes it
Else its not
I sometimes wonder
Why my posts are liked by
Particular type of people
Sometimes its females
Other times its males
Then lovers ,
Its actually ,that they relate
Like females like
If something is written in their favour
Same with males
Parents ,siblings ,lovers
Its simple when they find
Relation they start liking
Its again kind of sycophancy
If you want likes
Write keeping persons in mind
Like if you want to write for blacks
Write in their favour
You may win lots of likes from blacks
Its same for white ,old ,young and so on
So don’t be happy or sad
Its actually not you
Who is being liked
Its your views
Which are liked or disliked
We can manipulate and get people
To Like us .


Problem with world is
To claim credit
Parents say ,they have brought up
Children so they need credit
Birds too bring up young ones
But they don’t ask for credit
Politicians are screaming
We have done so and so
So give us credit
Make our statues after we die
Teachers are asking for their credit
Teaching students
Doctors ,engineers ,don’t know who all
Have ever bees asked
That they made honey
Why the hell human steal it
Do they complain
That their hard work has been stolen
Do animals take credit
Of spreading seeds ,then of those plants
Do plants ask for credit of providing
Oxygen ,shades ,medicines and lot more
Do sea ,rivers ,oceans
Ask for credit ,providing rains
Its only selfish humans
Who are screaming ,shouting ,yelling
Give me credit
For every tiny thing I do
More culprits are those
Who don’t even work
Still ask for credits
Its not only shameful
But pathetically disturbing .


World going crazy about marriage
Though I hardly find anyone
Who is happily married
I get so many queries
Regarding bad marriages
I analysed and found
Marriage can’t be happy
Its not possible
As its a about two persons
Coming from different backgrounds
They think they will manage
But unfortunately its not possible
They have different mental ,physical ,emotional levels ,
They may promise ,pledge
But practically its all waste
They may say they don’t need materialism
Actually everyone has needs
Variable ,so they will ask for
If not fulfilled
Its natural to fight
I suggest don’t get married
Stay as friends
Without expectations and promises
Day you feel differences
Walk out
This way world will be saved
From divorces ,alimonies , depression
Complications , grudges
There is nothing like couple
Its a myth
Its a kind of social fad
Which actually makes people mad
Only impractical people get married
Then they start complaining
Its a universal truth
No one can be happily married .


Today Britain voted
To stay out of EU
To an extent valid decision
How long will one bear
Repercussions of others
Greece ,turkey
Then refugees from middle east
Job crunch ,population explosion
Illegal immigration
Its like my house is flooded
With outsiders
And I am struggling in my own house
I always said its inevitable
It will happen in each and every country
Citizens of a country
Are its top priority
It can’t deprive them
And provide jobs and facilities
To immigrants
Which is being done
As migrants are cheap labourers
Its more about capitalism
Its more about rich people
Nationalism will be back
You can’t stop it
Borders will be more stringent
Walls will be erected
Way out is self sustained economies
Else there will be wars
Bloodshed , riots ,terrorism
You can’t stop this .


If you can’t fake
Neither be ashamed of it
Nor be complaining about it
If you can’t lie
Need not to
Nor feel bad if someone says
If you can’t cheat
Its OK
If someone does ,its OK then also
There is no fixed laws
I have seen cheaters
Reaching great heights
I have seen liars
Doing great in life
I have seen genuine people suffering
I have seen truth being defeated
You are what you are embedded with
May be a faker or genuine
A liar or trustworthy
There is no guarantee for success
No reasons for failures
Its a mystery enjoy it
Its life ,live it
Don’t try to understand it.

You don’t

You don’t deserve
To be with me
As besides my busy schedule
I gave you one hour
You didn’t appreciate it
So you don’t deserve
To be with me
I did everything ,what you asked for
Keeping my ego aside
Keeping my ethics aside
You didn’t appreciate it
You don’t deserve
To be with me
I never faked
I never hid anything
I never lied
I don’t speak “I love you”
As I really don’t love
Still I tried my best
To make you feel good
You insisted on meeting
I obliged
You didn’t appreciate it
You don’t deserve
To be with me


Everyone is searching for it
Many claims ,they know the path
So many speakers
So many preachers
Still everyone seems to be unhappy
As what you are searching
Only you can give it
No one else can give it
Its a way of life
Way of thinking
Nothing to do with money ,cars ,mansions
Females ,males , sex
Child has nothing
No car ,mansion, money
He is most happy
No worries
Worries comes with age
As age increases ,so do worries
What to do
How to do
It drains your happiness
Be a,child
Feel the happiness .