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Rape is the most heinous crime
Its worst than murder
In murder a person dies
In rape or acid attack she is alive
So rapist should be shot dead
No mercy
If a mad dog bites someone
Dog is shot dead
So should be rapist
Its not the fault of person
Whom dog bit
We don’t punish the victim
Similarly in case of rape
Its a mad dog who injured the victim
So its not fault of victim
I never supported provocative dressing
But its not the reason for rape
If it would have been
Then what about ,2 year toddlers, 60 year old those who were fully covered
Still raped
There is ,and shouldn’t be any excuse
To justify rape
Rapist is a mad dog
Needed to be shot in the head
Point blank
No petitions ,no hearings
Once DNA confirms
Shoot him .



Today there was huge fire
In the forests of Himalayas
This has burnt nests of thousands of birds
Thousands of trees burnt
Hectares of forests wiped out
It will take years to get them green
This ignited a fire in my mind too
Fire of hunger
When a person is hungry
He can do anything to feed himself
Any sort of crime
Fire of digestion
If its not there
Person will die
Fire of sex
It makes person ,rapist ,Eve teaser
It is sometimes called love making
But actually its fire of lust
Fire of anger
It makes a person ,beast
He commit crimes under its influence
Some fires are good
Digestion ,respiration
Rest I guess are troublesome.


I sometimes wonder
How come people have huge followers
Few have in millions
Other have in thousands
What does this show actually
Their popularity
Or instability and insanity
Of followers
Followers are created ,bought ,made
Fake IDs ,fake people
I never yearn for followers
I write what I feel like
I sometimes wonder
If I read all posts of my followers
I need good 18 hours daily
How will I manage my life
So I don’t ,I can’t read all
I read randomly
I try to read a few
But read nicely
And comment
Not just pressing like
I am not doing fraud
If I read ,I read full
So I am a kind of genuine appreciator
I don’t fake myself
I don’t fool .


People are always complaining
They have so many weaknesses
Few can’t control their craving for food
Others for shopping
Then travelling
Not to forget sexual
I guess I have none
And its practically tested
I don’t ask anyone to cook for me
As I eat porridge ,fruits ,milk
I don’t eat nonsense
I don’t do nonsense shopping
I hardly travel
As I feel complete peace in my room
And I don’t have sexual urge
This was last thing to be won
But I managed to do so
So kind of salvation alive
No desires
No complaints
No expectations


Today few people
Rather short tempered guys
Who actually shouldn’t be on social media
Still its unfortunate
That we don’t have any rule for that
They abused me
As their thoughts are different from mine
Even on blogging
Sometimes people do fire abuses on me
Earlier I used to retaliate
Reply them
Though never in aggression
Still I do
But now I read their abuses
And don’t retaliate
Don’t reply
I feel they are very weak
Very agitated
Soul in pain
Under confident ,inferiority complex cases
So its really pity if I answer them
Its a change I have developed
Over period of time
To be in state of equanimity.


Yes I am possessive
I either don’t get involved
Or I get involved completely
So don’t think
That you will come and go
Its OK if you don’t come
I don’t mind
But once you come
Then come fully
No bandages ,no relations
Only me
Don’t think about world then
I am your world
I know its awkward
I know its difficult
That is why
I am single
I am having obsession


A building needs strong pillars
If one pillar is weak
But rest are strong
Building will survive
Now I am getting alone
As my other pillar ,mother
Is losing her strength
She is getting weak
She is getting slow
She is less sharp now
She forgets a lot
She has lost confidence
Over that father pokes her every now and then
This further disturbs her peace of mind
Which eventually bothers me
He doesn’t confront directly with me
He disturbs her
So she gets upset
Earlier we two were managing one
Now I am alone
To manage those two
Over that I don’t see any hope of improvements
As they don’t eat what is good for them
They don’t exercise
They don’t listen
As I am their son
So their ego doesn’t permit them
To accept that I am giving right advise
Death is inevitable
If father goes before mother
I will manage mother
But if mother goes before father
Its going to be a big mess
He is damn adamant
Best thing ,my wish
I leave before them
Its not desperation
Its not frustration
Its what I feel
I am a fighter
But here fight is strange
I don’t have opponent
I don’t have fair rules
Its a one sided game
Society ,relatives ,ethics
All support them
So I don’t have any option
As neither screaming ,nor requesting
Will sort out things
One pillar is insufficient
To balance a building
Its against law of science .


Its more than 50 years ,my parents are together
Its a kind of adjustment
Where mother was adjusting
To nonsense nature of father
Father has depression
Its a kind of boon in curse
No matter what you do
You are safe
No one will ask you
As you have got shield of depression
Other two siblings were never assertive
Now they are married
So its me who is living with parents
Generally I don’t interfere in anyone’s life
I believe in live and let live
Rather I try my best to help others
I believe in charity begins at home
So I try my best to do most of the work
Still sometimes I feel
Its my father who is doing nothing
Except finding mistakes in my work
Or mother’s work
I don’t have habit
Of taking nonsense
I never did
Except my father’s nonsense
Its not out of respect
But because of  my mother
She doesn’t allow me to answer him back
He is misusing this
He threatens ,he will run away
This threat is actually nonsense
But still its working for him
My mother is tolerating him
So I have to
Its appeasement
You take nonsense
As society doesn’t permit us
To question our parents .


I too want you to fly
I want you to fulfill all your dreams
I want you to ride a bike
I want you to explore this world
I am not against freedom
But when I hear any incident
Where female was harassed
Let it be by an auto driver
Or by a parking attendant
It can be anyone ,anywhere
I get scared
I feel how helpless I am
I am not a celebrity
Who can arrange security guards for you
Unfortunately security guards are male too
I feel my helplessness
I feel the difference between a male and female
I feel how vulnerable you are


सुना है हनुमान देता है बल
आजकल डब्बे खाकर नौजवान रहे खुद को छल
बुद्धि की क्या करूँ बात
नौकरी मिलेगी देख कर जात
विद्या सरे आम हो रही नीलाम
अनपढ़ खा रहे किराया, ले रहे,ऐश आराम
भूत पिसाच निकट न आवे
खाओ लो उधार, करो दिखावे
शंकर सुमन केसरी नंदन 
नेता घिस रहे मुफ्त का चंदन
विद्या वान गुनी अति चातुर
हर कोई देश लूटने को आतुर
सूक्ष्म रूप धरी सिंह दिखावा
हैरान हूं देख आजकल की महिलाओं का पहनावा
भीम रूप धरि असुर संहारे
नेताओं के हैं वारे न्यारे
लाय संजीवन लखन जियाये
जो जितना झूठा, उतने आँसू बहाए
लेकिन आप यह देख कर न घबराए
मुश्किल है पर फिर भी हनुमान स जीवन अपनाएँ
हनुमान जंयती की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं ।