This post is offensive ,I apologize if its bit harsh ,but I am generally not into this type if writing but the way people are thinking I guess I am disturbed

The way things are going
Its disgusting
Sex is all nonsense now
Anal sex ,oral sex
What next
Ear sex
Guy will put nozzle on his dick
And ejaculate in girls ear
Eyes sex
Semen will be ejaculated into her eyes
Nasal sex
Semen will be put into her nose
As now sex is about holes
Find hole and fill it
After this
Sex will be drinking each other’s urine
Then eating each other’s shit
As people proudly declares that
Semen and vaginal fluids are healthy
Not at all bad for health
So urine and shit
Are definitely safe for them
The way our youth are thinking
Its sad
The standard of love making
Has degraded miserably
Its pity

Ajay Kohli

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