Dose of nutrition
Being dietician I am asked
What to do for good hairs
I tell them ,nothing
No one can save hairs
If they have to fall
They Will
No matter you take selenium, zinc ,iron
No matter you eat ,beef ,chicken ,flax ,chia
Sunflower seeds , tuna ,liver ,blah blah
No matter you eat coconut, amla
Apply coconut oil ,almond oil ,olive oil
Or many more
You do head stand ,hand stand
Rub your nails
Don’t drink cold drinks
Do not smoke ,or take alcohol
Eat fruits ,vegetables ,seeds
Drink milk ,take yoghurt
Do whatever you want
Don’t apply hair products
Don’t go for ,chemical treatments
If there has to be hair fall
It will be
So my answer do not  do anything
Just relax and enjoy .

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