Everyone is crying
As if they are most important
Let it be a doctor
He claims ,he is most important
As he treats patients
What will he do if
There were no sophisticated machines
How will he diagnose diseases
So engineers are important
As they develop machines
But what will engineer do
If there is no electricity
For electricity we need coal
So miner is important
But miner needs food
So farmer is important
Farmer needs meteorologist
To predict rains
Like this its actually a chain
I wonder how can
Someone claim his importance
Like soldier ,doctor ,engineer etc
Whatever you are doing
Its your choice ,circumstances
You are paid for it
So don’t boast about it
Everyone is important
From bacteria to whale
From sweeper to scientist
Its really ridiculous
When someone says
I martyred for country
Or I sacrificed
Its your job
Your choice
No one forced you to be a soldier
There shouldn’t be any disparity
Each and every profession
Is important .

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