What is commitment
Well for me
Its a word ,which is misused
Its never one sided
But generally ,it is one sided only
I am misused every time
I assured you of help
I was always there when you need
Where were you
I am not asking you to be my side
But at least don’t be against me
You asked ,I gave
Don’t give me anything
But don’t disrespect me
You want me
My time ,always
But let me sleep peacefully
Don’t text me at odd hours
And force me to reply
My commitment was never that
I will spoil my health
To make you happy
You are selfish
You see your needs
You see your comforts
You hardly see my sacrifices
You every time remind me of commitment
I feel I shouldn’t have said this word
If I knew it would be used
Or rather misused
To that extent
That it leaves me drained out
I would have never committed .


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