Everyone loves them
When they are on head
Everyone hates them
When on arms ,legs, chest ,breast etc
They are eyebrows ,eyelashes,upper lip etc
Black ,brown ,blonde ,grey ,white ,red ,purple
God knows what all
Straight ,curl ,boy cut, steps , highlighted
Punk, crew ,and many more
Boys are keeping ,moustache and beard
Its in trend
But I feel it looks very unprofessional
Girls have to spend money ,time
To get them waxed ,shaved ,
Many do it for sake of fashion
Other do it under social pressure
Waxing is so painful
Don’t understand the need to do it
Many are there ,who don’t want to
Get into this mess
Still they do
Concept of hairs
Is as messy as
Hairs of armpits
Somewhere they adds to beauty
Somewhere they hinder beauty
I guess its personal choice
To keep it or remove it
Without any pressure
Beauty does matter
I don’t deny it
But it shouldn’t be at
Cost of being uncomfortable.


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