Its really disturbing
Why everyone is trying
To be what they are not
A stupid wants to prove
He is not
A dumb wants to show
He is genius
A fat girl
Wears tight fit
To show she is slim
An old woman is trying
To look young
A female having grey hairs
Trying to colour them ,look young
There is a race
To be what you are not
In doing this
Everyone is losing their own identity
They end up
Being no one
Neither who they are
Nor what they are trying
I read them
I feel pity , ridiculous
Anger , frustration
Means what you want to prove
Who do you want to be
Imitation is always imitation
It can never beat original
Have you ever seen dog
Trying to be lion
A monkey trying
To be a tiger
They are happy
Who they are
No comparison
No competitions
Its only human
Who I feel is dumb of all species
He is wasting his time
On becoming
Who he is not
And in doing this
He is playing with nature
Exploiting resources
Disturbing natural order
Ending up as fool .


2 thoughts on “Trying

  1. I too feel weired, why everyone is in rush, why they can not accept themself in the way they are.

    No one like other fakes, but everyone is trying to be someone else which they are not.

    People has developed a set up of self rejection. They never fill satisfied for themself. One should accept himself in the way he is as Self acceptation is way to peace.


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