People are going crazy
About love
Writing poetries
Going insane
I want people to hate me
If they hate me
They won’t interact with me
I will have more of “me” time
I can introspect a lot
I am fed up from love
Everyone thinks I am their property
They don’t want to share me
They are jealous of each other
Because they want my time
My affection
Which finally bothers me
As who all I manage
How do I manage
They fight ,they threat
So many lovers
One “me ”
Please hate me
Go away
Let me be at peace
I can’t tolerate more affection
I don’t want your love
Let me be alone
Else you will land me in trouble
Or cut me into pieces
I don’t want all this mess
Hate me ,hate me .


6 thoughts on “Hate

  1. Not easy to hate someone who can write so well…Just saying:-)


  2. As you wrote in one of your lines,
    They won’t interact with me.
    So here is your answer, do not let any body interact too much. One should know his/her limits and if one does not know just make them realize.

    Its not easy neither to loved nor to be hated, because both of them need a great interaction. People does not instantly starts loving or hating someone as both needs time.

    Don’t let anybody misuse their weakness, don’t allow anyone to threat. As you seems too strong to me so don’t feel like this.

    No need to be being hated nor to be to loved, just be yourself.


    1. Some things are out of our control

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes there are some things which are just uncontrolable.


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