I have noticed
That everyone is dying for appreciation
They kind of live in an imaginary world
Where they make a web
They appreciate each other
And feel ,yes,we are doing great job
They are kind of frog in a well
They don’t want to come out of their periphery
As they have fear
That they may be rebuked
May be criticised
Those who can’t take criticism
Are actually most weak
They are like birds without wings
Appreciation has no value
Criticism is great
But Ah ! Very few can take it
Appreciation is sugar
Sugar kills .


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  1. Here in Nigeria, we have an adage that says “when u appreciate small gesture, you will get bigger favors. Appreciation move you to do move but criticism makes you better than you are.


  2. What if someone has done something good,should he not be appreciated?


    • Who will decide ,its good ,here again same group, same people ,look at the comments on any pic ,blog ,nice written ,awesome ,because 99% are dumb ,they don’t know what is good ,they have herd mentality .

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      • We have a conscience,Good will be,if a child scores 90% marks in 10th class,should he not be appreciated? He should be.
        If a woman becomes a pilot,officer etc,should she not be appreciated?She should be.
        If a person feeds a poor person,should he not be appreciated?he should be.
        If your parents work hard for you,earn money,take care of you,love you,should they not be appreciated? They should be.
        See,appreciation is the biggest tool in your hand,you can win over the world by appreciation,these are tested facts,you cannot deny.You can win anyone’s heart through appreciation.Whom you appreciate,will respect you.Im not saying fake appreciation but authentic appreciation is very important and must be done.
        You went to a party,liked the arrangements? appreciate the host.
        If your teacher helped you study well,appreciate her.
        If a minister does something to better the society,appreciate him.
        Appreciation is very powerful.

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      • Hey the situations you mentioned are really appreciable but a/q to me they are more than appreciation.

        Like a diamond never wish that someone called it diamond, it is never the matter either people accept that as a diamond or not. Because true value of diamond is known to all.

        Appreciation is really a good tool even i love to be appreciated but up to an extent because more than the limit seems fake.

        Gud day ahead☺☺


      • Bit valid point mahima diamond stays diamond no matter its appreciated or not .

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      • Yeah that is what i meant to say..appreciation not always matters


      • Mahima,with all respect to your verdict,i’d ask you,you said that diamond does not need to be called a diamond,its value is known to all,it doesnt matter if it is acknowleged or not.Suppose,if you make a birthday card for your mother,you give it to her,and she does not say even once that mahima i appreciate ur effort,i loved it.How will you feel? Bad? right?
        your mom would think that mahima knows that she has put in effort for me and she has made a good card,i dont need to say it…then what?
        This is not the way human psychology works yar.Apprciation is very important.Great authors like Robin sharma,shiv khera have written this in their books,its a fact…Why to deny?

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      • Who said i am denying, i already said appreciation is a great tool. Like being emotional is good but being a emotional fool is worse.

        Appreciation indeed is a good thing but up to an extent.

        Coming to the example you gave, i had writtens two posts on my mom but she had not read even one of them but it never means she does not appreciate me. I know she did. I do not know much about human psychology but as much as i know like i could feel love, we could feel genuine appreciation.


      • I don’t reply you intentionally ,as you are very immature ,over that you argue with baseless logics ,a student can get 90% still he may be a dumb ,I know many such , feeding a poor has nothing to do with appreciation ,I feed 50 poor daily ,need no appreciation ,like I can defy all your examples , this world is here in ruins because of appreciation


      • I am not here to argue with strangers who dont know an iota about what i am.Unfollowing you.I dont need negativity in my life,you are full of it.


  3. Apprecition and criticism are like good and bad time. Good time gives us happiness and bad time gives experience in the same way when we are being appreciated, it is good for us but for sure we have to take criticism also. It helps us grow.


  4. If you do not mind then can you please read your post once again, there are some slight mistakes if possible correct them☺☺


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