I am

I am generally very humble
Towards strangers
I generally speak very politely
To strangers
Then comes my friends
So called friends
As I don’t have many
To them I am humble
But I sometimes do argue with them
If they are wrong
But not much
Then comes my relatives
I have very clear priority list for them
I behave accordingly with them
Then comes my family
I try my best to give my opinion
When there is any such requirements
I am pretty vocal with the issues
As I have to take responsibilities
There are my students
To them again ,I have categories
Very few of them
I give advise
Then comes few rather very few
Whom I scold ,speak harshly
Interferes with their thoughts
If needed get aggressive
As they are the most precious to me
They are those whom I can’t afford to lose
Those whom I can’t see as failures
Those whose happiness is my goal
If I find them doing wrong
I can’t tolerate
I just don’t take any nonsense
Regarding them
My behaviour towards them is very strict
This is the way I care ,love them
Its the way I am .


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