Terrorism and psychology

Why do we have terrorism ? Have you thought about it , I guess no ,reasons given are religion , colour , sects , but I guess all are secondary ,terrorism is like an industry now people join it as an employee , they are engineers , doctors , scientists . There are two religions in this world only, rich and poor , 99% of total resources are with 1% they are super rich they are managing this whole world ,rest 99% are being manipulated by their decisions . Poor people have only few needs ,food ,clothing ,shelter , basic medical facilities but they are denied of all these so they don’t have any option 2% of poor gets into antisocial activities not by choice but because of scarcity and exploitation. Give them basic things they too want to live a family life, loving life , but when denied they take wrong path. Other aspect is educated terrorists well to do terrorist ,they are those people who don’t have ethics ,weak roots full of lust they use their brains for earning huge money in short time and by wrong means they are actual terrorists very dangerous, like Osama , bagdhadi all are super rich still they have lust for more , more money ,more power , more recognition , they are psychopath they are hungry to that extent that it can never be quenched. We have to deal with both types poor terrorists with love and compassion giving them basic things I guess they will leave terrorism , rich terrorists we need to be stern with them we need to punish them severely as they are real threat they are like parasites living in this world destroying it just for their lust. We need to focus on love ,compassion but with those only who believe in humanity and are willing to make this world a better place.

Ajay Kohli


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