Selfie ​

Guru purnima 



I am surprised Dogs are welcomed in house 

Patents are sent to old age home 

Dogs are fed best foods 

Groomed ,combed ,pampered 

Patents are ignored ,rejected 

New generation may be earning great 

May be highly qualified 

But unfortunately ,they are most illiterate 

They are not worth being called human


Do we have someone ,who really cares ?Can someone share or feel our pain ?

Then what is the sense of asking ” how are you ” 

I am puzzled by this question 

Everyone is busy in his world 

Let everyone live ,the way he wants to live 

There shouldn’t be any kind of sympathy .


Whenever you will love someone ,more than yourself You shall be hurt for sure 

Don’t expect anything from anyone 

Don’t even try to give something to someone 

Live Alone

Everyone is selfish 

There is no love 

You can’t win ,if you seek support 

Fight alone .


Strange are relationshipsEveryone is busy 

No one wants to talk 

Everyone needs space 

Everyone is frustrated 

Everyone is  suffocated

Relationships are mere formalities

No true love .


I don’t know start 

I don’t know end 

I don’t understand silence 

I don’t  understand voice 

You don’t accept me 

I don’t follow your rules 

I don’t live in past or future 

I count present 

Life is mysterious 

So am I .