Its not world’s problem
Its my fault
I am not shrewd
I take people seriously
I listen to them
I try to help them
I am compassionate
I spend time on them
I don’t demand money
I trust
I give them solutions
I sacrifice my time and sleep
Its indeed my fault to be nice
World is for mean .

6 thoughts on “Fault

  1. Anger creates meanness. If we lived in a world of more love there would be less anger. This is the battle. Good against evil. You have chosen your side. You fight for your soul. Maybe a better world is for you. A fine poem. It seems brave and true.


    1. Thanks ,practical world is harsh ,we can’t live without food ,for that we need to compromise many a times ,this is reality

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      1. Whoever said life would be easy?


      2. I hope it soon changes for you.


      3. Its not for me it is in general ,my life is great ,as I enjoy everything from pain to pleasure

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