I am biased
I don’t want my girlfriends to have
Anyone else than me
In their lives
But for them ,I am the one
If its equality
They should be allowed to have boyfriends
But I strictly denied this
Moment they have someone else
I stopped interacting with them
Many revolted ,complained
But none has left me
They fight among themselves for me
Its such mean of me .


5 thoughts on “Biased

  1. Apparently, its a men’s world as they say. The ratio of women to men is higher. But, women need to act in such a way that the men will see them has values not necessity.


    1. I guess men are more , its women world ,everywhere she is given preferences


      1. If she is given preference, there wouldn’t be rape, battery and domestic violence on the raise.


      2. Rape is because of wrong mindset rather mental disease ,if a man beats a woman ,he is having mental problem , if I like a female ,not necessary she also likes me ,if she doesn’t ,there is no reason I rape her ,I should move ahead and forget her


      3. very correct thinking.


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