Women day

I am not anti women nor am I pro women
For me males and females  are homo sapiens
Both have individualities
I see it’s biased to celebrate women day
Why so much hue and cry
Why do women need reservations
Why do women need concessions
Everywhere they are complaining
Everywhere they are demanding
You are equal ,we accept
Don’t ask for seats in buses
Separate coaches in metros
Don’t expect us to pull chairs for you
Or open gates
Actually you are biggest culprit ,yourself
Why do you imitate males
Wear jeans ,shorts , shirts
You have huge collection of outfits 
Skirts ,sarees , suits ,midis ,
You can wear any colour
So you need not to wear what males wear
You need not to cut your hairs
You are feminine ,stay feminine 
We don’t have problem with mensuration
You glorify it
You announce it
Not going inside religious places
Not going into kitchen
We don’t stop you
You only do this willingly
We know its natural
It happens to all healthy females
So you need not to hide it
Need not to carry pads in black carry bag
Need not to write slogans on pads
Be who you are


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