In 2012 BJP was in opposition and they opposed budget before elections of same five states ,which are going for elections now and budget was postponed ,same BJP is now opposing postponing budget as they are frauds ,they know that Indians are fools they will again announce nonsense like they promised about 14 lakhs during their election campaign, and people will again get trapped , BJP is actually playing most sick kind of politics ,from media to judiciary everything is hacked by them , if same supreme court had ordered to postpone budget in 2012 how could it deny now ,but it denied as its hacked by BJP , actually BJP is doing nothing good ,they are only spreading false news ,data and ordered media to telecast everything positive about them .
If you allege Congress of dynastic politics ,what are you doing ,you have given tickets to sons ,daughters of your leaders ,no grassroot worker was given ticket all big leaders relatives have been given tickets ,so stop talking nonsense ,you are only misleading people and unfortunately people are happy being fooled ,don’t forget common man will regret later but by then it would have been late .


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