I am not writing this
To get appreciation
I am writing this
As its worth sharing
I make sure my parents eat right
Flax seeds,almonds ,walnuts ,good fats
As they are prone to bad cholesterol
Like a responsible parents
I force them to eat all these
And like all naughty kids
They give excuses not to eat
Rather they find excuses
To convince me ,that I allow them
To eat sugary food ,oily food ,sweets
I make sure they have good nap in afternoons
I make sure they sleep early at night
They forget things
So I keep their documents safe
They are like any other kid
Who is carefree
So I have to see what they eat
How much they sleep
Are they taking their medicines properly
At nights, I check if their quilts are properly done
Its wonderful experience
All those who leave their parents
For sake of career ,spouse etc
Remember you are missing
One of the most precious experience
Share your parents old age
It makes you more compassionate
Believe me it worth
Its more valuable than your fat pay package.


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