Story vs reality

In childhood we were asked how to shorten a line without erasing it ,we were taught by drawing a longer line parallel to it. I guess it was bookish only as everywhere l am finding to shorten someone means hurt him , damage him ,demean him and many more negative behaviours .Every day I read ban Chinese goods ,boycott Chinese articles ,as I am Indian ,we are judged on basis of do we buy Chinese products ,if yes ,means we are traitors .
My questions to so called patriots
If you can’t compete with China ,why criticizing it?
why you are not raising your level ?
why you are not producing better products than China ?
why you are not providing cheaper products than Chinese ?
Why you don’t have problem using iPhone, though 90% parts of iPhone are made in China
Why you don’t have problem wearing Nike, and other foreign brands ?
If practically you stop using Chinese articles ,I guess you will die in 24 hours , your computers ,machines ,parts of heavy machinery and most of other technology related articles are made in China , problem is with you ,you can’t raise your level , you can’t compete with their prices ,technology ,and blaming China ,or branding your own country men of sedition .
You are more busy blaming others ,doing nonsense politics ,talking nonsense religions , causing riots , blocking roads ,calling strikes , practically our research and development is zero , we are just importing ideas and working  on it , our education system stinks ,bureaucracy is ailing ,politics is filthy ,system is junk , you can fool yourself giving higher figures of GDP ,USA GDP is far less than your portrayed GDP still USA is far ahead of you ,GDP is false yardstick of progress ,its only to fool people on human index India stands at 137 rank ,literacy ,nutrition ,research , health ,per capita income ,you know where India stands ,I feel we were told total nonsense by our govt and so called sycophantic followers
Let me make it clear I am much more patriot than you people ,I can anytime go to border to protect sovereignty of my country but I need not to advertise my patriotism .
Its simple rule of economy ,if you get better product at cheaper rate ,why not to take it ,so if you can’t compete with China ,don’t stop others from buying its products ,else prove yourself and make your line longer rather than trying to erase others .


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