They come for a day or week
They leave you with tiredness ,depression
They leave you economically poor
They are actually created
By smart business houses
To sell their fake ,obsolete articles
To fool people
Surprisingly we have millions of fools
Who purchase ,even what they don’t need
Because its portrayed discounted
Which actually is not .

2 thoughts on “Festivals

  1. You come n post such comments on my posts n now I understand y…u r a sad person…who talks like this for festivals…festivals are also for family time celebrating togetherness…may n it’s all about the personal experiences one has….i always have wonderful ppl n places around me to leave a find memory of such magnificent festivals which make us smile n feel closer to my roots n family


    1. You didn’t mention that I am not allowed to visit your blog , you liked my blogs so I checked yours , I don’t visit any blog unless it has checked mine , in future won’t check yours , you haven’t seen that I don’t follow anyone , festivals mean happiness I am happy 365 days 24*7 so I don’t need special days to celebrate ,its for common man who has blues post diwali or new year ,they come to me for treatment after festivals .


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