Sometimes I feel ,I should stop writing
Why am I writing
Not being paid
Not for fame
Not for enmity
Still I do write
I don’t feel change is brought by me
No one bothers what do I write
As this world is full of living dead
Or sleeping while awake
I can’t wake them up
Still I do write
I am hopeless regarding change
But then I write
To believe that I am not dead
I have my conscious alive
I will keep fighting
No matter nothing changes
Still I will keep writing
I know world is deaf
Still I will keep shouting
I may be branded mad
Yes I am
I believe its better to
Be mad than dead .


9 thoughts on “Write

  1. I read a quote :- pahle nasamajh tha to duniya badalne chale tha, ab samhhdar hu to khud ko badal raha hu.

    No matter if are feel, you are not bringing any change. No matter if you are not getting response. You are writing the harsh truths always so keep writing as the whole world is not deaf.


    1. No it is just that, you are one of a kind who is rare.

      Being different from other never means being mad. It simply means you are included in the crowd of simliar people.


  2. people come and leave…but the impacts always remain , as if i found your recent comment in mahima’s blog

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    1. Its more about approach and psychology

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  3. writers remain immortal. 🙂 keep writing. nice post


    1. No desire to be immortal anyways thanks

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