Top revenue generating businesses are
Arms and ammunitions
Sex trade and pornography
Drugs and human trafficking
Today’s generation is crazy about money
Luxury ,women ,wine ,cars
They can find all these
In all these trades
Its thrill
They don’t want to listen about ethics
Right or wrong
They are attracted towards dark
They love to experiment
Drugs ,alcohol,
Its a shortcut
Easy and fast way
To earn money
You can’t expect a better world
No one wants to be a teacher
Everyone is keeping ethics aside
Doing everything for money
In this scenario
Can we keep our kids on right track


1 thought on “How

  1. No one can be forced to be on the right path untill they want to šŸ˜¦

    One should be disciplined from his/her older days. Teachers, family, freinds plays important role in building their base.

    Moral classes are important. Besides other subject this should also be implemented in all the schools.

    Most important one should have their own ethics, their own dignity.

    Money is important but nothing can replace a good soul.

    Being a good human is necessary.


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