Online shopping

People find it convenient
Its actually a nonsense
We are heading towards digital age
Actually people should be literate
Literacy is not having degrees
From nonsense institutions
Having MBA or IIT degree
Won’t make you good manager
Online shopping is actually big mess
You order something
They deliver something else
Then they don’t have firm policies
Regarding replacement and refund
Their customer care is bunch of stupids
Who been taught to write
Few fixed mails and messages
They will speak as parrots
Who were made to cram
Technically people working for  online shopping
Are not at all aware of technical
Management ,logistics
They are hired on basis of
Nonsense degrees
Practically these stores are failures
Countries like India
Are not ready for online shopping
Here service providers are fool
Customers are bigger fools

4 thoughts on “Online shopping

  1. Its compltely nonsense. I wonder how can a dress be available at the rate of 200 and 300 and moreover people are ordering it.

    Are they insane..they better know business is not done without profit. So why they will get good things at cheap rate. This is never possible.

    Quality decides the cost of products.


    1. Indians are fools ,they have herd mentality , its exploited by online business


  2. If I can read ‘The Trial’ by Kafka today, it’s thanks to online shopping. If a child in a remote area in Assam is getting all the materials required to complete his science project it’s thanks to them.
    Shopping online and shopping at any standard company showroom is just about the same (if you have ever done it). Refund policies are perfect.
    I won’t even talk about how much E commerce is necessary for the economy and how it’s all related cause it will definitely flow above your head and I honestly don’t have the time either. And it’s funny how you didn’t even adduce the problem of local market sellers being uncompetitive.
    The only thing I can say is expand your knowledge a bit. And cynicism and utter stupidity are two different things You are stupid, utterly stupid.


    1. If you are working with any of online company then I can understand your love ,regarding calling you stupid its easy for me though I don’t want to as my ethics are much better than yours ,regarding services they are ill managed they deliver something else ,ordered something else ,its pretty common ,not only me if you get a survey done its about 60% they are not at all selling goods cheaper ,I can discuss a lot but I feel its waste of time ,replied only because its against etiquettes not to reply ,but won’t reply to other such messages .


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