Friendship day

Another day to fool people
Another day to earn money
Gifts ,cards ,chocolates, blah blah
Altogether an act of foolishness
People celebrate it
Types of friends
School friends ,college friends ,job friends
Family friends ,colony friends …….
Movie friends ,outing friends ,disco friends
Pub friends , study friends …….
Friends change with time ,place ,needs
How many school friends
Are with you when you are 50 years old
Actual friend is rare ,rather extinct
As everyone wants sycophant
Who praises you for looks ,cars, phones …
Actually everyone needs someone
To kill time
As alone its difficult
So they choose accordingly
True friend will be critic ,harsh ,blunt
He won’t praise you
He won’t be with you at movies ,parties
But surely with you
When no one else will be there
So be vigilant
If you have many friends
You have none .


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