People say anger is bad
I feel not getting angry at right time
Right place ,right person is bad
I am firm believer in anger
I don’t get angry on people
But yes I am angry
Your service provider charges you
But doesn’t give you promised net speed
You are taking it
You have ditches on roads
Representatives elected don’t do anything about it
You are taking it
Person spits in front of you
You are taking it
Trains are running late
You are taking it
Inflation is skyrocketing
You are taking it
Anyone can blast bomb at his will
You are taking it
Females are raped frequently
You are taking it
Hoarders are fooling you
You are taking it
Whole system stinks
You are taking it
You are not alive
You are dead
You are just being kicked
You don’t retaliate
I am angry about it
If I revolt alone
I will be killed and branded a terrorist
I feel anger is needed now
Anger is needed for revolt
For our rights
For stopping wrongs
I have huge anger mounting in me
I don’t let it out
At wrong place or person
I need you to be angry
I want you to wake up
Bring the change
Unfortunately you are wrong person
I am speaking too
I mentioned you are dead
Dead don’t get angry .


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