Today you randomly check
Any profile on twitter ,Facebook etc
Everyone is a blogger
Travelling ,beauty ,diet ,fitness
God knows what all
95% are copy post
What exactly they want to prove
Blogging is in fashion these days
I find them repetitive ,Plagiarized,
We don’t need your beauty tips
We don’t need your pout faces
We don’t need your nonsense dresses
We have enough on Google
As if you want to be on page 3
You need to be an artist ,journalist
Socialite , designer ,blah blah
Similarly everyone is a blogger
This world is dying of lack of originality
Write two lines
But write what is original
What comes from you
Not from Google
Earlier I felt frustrated about this
Now I find it ridiculous .


4 thoughts on “Ridiculous

  1. Some profound comments made here. I, too, am frustrated with a society that follows and never thinks. šŸŒ


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