I feel irritated
Seeing people so dumb
They feel other’s time is invaluable
They are dumb
They text you at 1am to discuss
Their life ,career ,resume
I being humble do listen to them
But how long
Or how many times
You are not paying me
Its none of my business
If you do a job or not
As you won’t give me share from your salary
I am not free
To listen everyone and anyone’s
My life is going great
I don’t discuss my problems if any
With anyone
I can tolerate to a limit
I try to explain once or twice
If you ask me same thing repeatedly
I will go mad
I am not your servant ,spouse ,father etc
To take your nonsense
I get irritated for sometimes
You will get depressed for long
Better don’t discuss nonsense
Keep your queries short and straight
As I am doing charity not business .


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